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Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman


Location: Gilchrist, OR
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Country: US

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decorations for my hair

By: Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
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I really love adding things to my hair but have been having some problems finding anything lately and some are just to big for me to get anything over them and sugestions on sites I can go to and have a look about see if I likes anything or on how to do my own creations

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/20/12 10:43:27PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

I have carved my own beads out of horn and such and I use string a lot...Now I should go through my jewelry and check that stuff out see if I can add any to my hair

09/19/12 01:18:30PM @ixchel:

anything you can put on a dread or string on can be a decoration. I have some bits & pieces of old jewelry that i string in. Some people can get crazy creative with it, have fun! You can use polymer clay to make your own beads, or learn to wire wrap & make those. Jellyfish Joy (Facebook or Etsy) makes glass beads & he does custom orders so you could give him a size & an idea & he could whip it up for ya.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/19/12 12:58:09PM @soaring-eagle:

a bead is 1 of 2 things
1 something with a hole in it
2 a hole with something around it

so to make a bead f9nd something and drill a hole in it..or
find a hole and wrap somethung around it
clay makes a good hole holder
wood stone or bone is a good place to add a hole

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