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selah adams


Location: Laytonville, CA
Zipcode: 95454
Country: US


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Ham'diya Mu
09/21/10 05:17:53PM @hamdiya-mu:
Blessed Sistren... I am sure on facebook.. Ham'diya Mu but I did discover there are a couple of "Ham'diya Mu" who knew!!? But if you do find me..or I find you it will be wonderful!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/10/10 03:35:45PM @soaring-eagle:
did a search couldnt find info newer then 2007call nearest lightlines?

Lonnie Berg
02/27/10 12:05:59AM @lonnie-berg:
Love Ya Lady, So Sorry I Missed Ya Tonite.You didn't eat my turtle did ya? Hes missing....hahahaha

Eddie Ballesteros
02/01/10 04:19:27PM @eddie-ballesteros:
hey thanxxxx

12/07/09 11:59:55AM @summer:
Thanks for the add mama! Have a blessed day:)

Inity 1
10/20/09 08:30:15PM @inity-1:
1 Love heart and destiny!Powers of Light

10/20/09 03:55:44PM @rbn:
hey sistren. i do not drum although i do like to (as do many people). i am a music producer and own a record label, so you were right about the art (many people are into art). i like to give as much as i like to take. i dont know what you mean by 'short to anger'. and yes i am quiet untill i get to know someone, although sometimes that is not the case.mad love to you too.

Karma Jane
10/13/09 02:09:46PM @karma-jane:
welcome to the forums sweet mama.. i hope to see you in the circle :)

Courtney J
10/11/09 05:53:33PM @courtney-j:
Thank you for the add sister

Lonnie Berg
10/09/09 10:54:39AM @lonnie-berg:
Love, Love, Love!!!

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