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Location: Ontario, Canada
Country: CA


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4 Weeks
Taquito in the snow
December 10th


02/07/11 03:46:05PM @ocallaghan:
NOM! Imma eat yer face :D

12/30/10 01:56:59PM @ocallaghan:
I misses yeeew! :(

12/22/10 01:43:12PM @ocallaghan:
Ack! Gimme 600dolla and I'll get mah celly werkin'! :P Love yooou!!! Hey whatcha doin for the holidays? Wanna get together at some point? I'm going to be chillin with dad and grandma boxing day, and I gotta go to eileens for new years, but thats it! Txt justin's cell? xoxox!!!

12/12/10 11:49:16PM @ocallaghan:

I miss you moooorezzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking of goin to town Tuesday, what you up to Tuesday? I gotsta go see Grandma for a bit, pick up my 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory while I'm there :D If I get to town with the hubby around 2, I should be done at Grandma's by... 3 or 4 at the latest, let me know? xoxox!

12/10/10 01:24:59PM @ocallaghan:

Ack! Blat! Dance the Magic Dance?!?! Nooo! LOL nah no classics tonite I don't think, watched the Princess Bride and The Last Unicorn the other day LOL and Dirty Dancing, of course. Gah, I need new movies hahaha!

12/10/10 01:13:31PM @ocallaghan:

teehee! Whatchoo up to, luvie? I'm having a pajama day :D It's mum's birthday, and we're watching moviiies :D

12/10/10 12:33:15PM @ocallaghan:

<3 <3 <3

12/09/10 06:13:16PM @ocallaghan:

I could do that lol but c'mon! We're hard-ass Canadians! It's barely even -20! I wanna play on the swiiings! lol Or we could hole up and watch Night at the Roxbury like the good ol' days :D How you doin now muffin?

12/09/10 11:22:51AM @ocallaghan:
Francis :'( I'll probably be in town some time next week, I'll give you a jingle! We should wear snowpants this time and hit the park lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/07/10 08:08:41PM @soaring-eagle:
aww thnx just keep yours natural and healthy and they'll get just as long eventually :)

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