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Sancho Lopez


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11 days in... washing... sea salt... aloe/salt... kinda grimey...

By: Sancho Lopez
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Yesterday I did a seasalt spray and let it dry. TodayI cut some aloe from my garden, washed it and stabbed it up the leaf (inside, from the cut end)with a long knife then squeezed the aloe into a small cup (good idea). I mixed some ground seasalt into the aloe slime (bad idea) and then applied to my shabby locks as Itwisted in the loose hair. I said "bad idea" beacause when it dried and I shook my head, sea salt went everywhere. I was a human salt shaker. maybe if I dissolved the salt prior to mixing with the aloe it might have worked a bit better. perhaps the dillution of the aloe goo would make it easier to work with as well...hmm. i'm kind of a geek. i like science... lol idk. maybe not mix them at all... whatever. SOO, now i'm going to shower and wash my dome piece. lets see if i still have dreads tomorrow.

Sancho Lopez
01/15/11 10:13:43AM @sancho-lopez:
good stuff. thanks a milli. at this point i'm just washing every few days. i cant be grimey. i'm not messing with anything else. i think it'll do whatever...f-it.

01/13/11 11:39:52PM @taye:

Aloe is a moisturizer...sea salt is a drying agent. so it doesn't make sense to use them together. Aloe is used like a styling gel to kind of tame the wild hairs.....good for job interviews.(not something you have to do on a daily basis) It can also moisturize. If you have baby don't want to moisturize keeps your hair from knotting.

Sea salt is used to dry your kind of changes the texture so that it encourages knotting. Too much can make the hair brittle...which causes breakage.

The best way to use sea salt it to dilute a spoonful in a spray bottle mixed with tap water. Spray on your hair a few hours before washing your hair. It is ok to spray your hair the day before a wash....but it needs to be washed or rinsed out...because you don't want to dry your hair to the point of brittleness.

Hope that made sense :)

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