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Sam Newton


Location: Wake Forest, NC
Zipcode: 27587
Country: US


Blogs: 1
youtube videos: 2
images: 68
audio tracks: 5

Dread removal

Description: How to remove natural dreads, these are done with the twist and rip method. this method will work on any CLEA...
Sam Newton
03/24/12 01:55:56PM @sam-newton:

bahaha I never ever realized I had an accent :P but thank you :D

Tied up in knots
03/24/12 02:27:10AM @tied-up-in-knots:

You have an adorable accent.

...I really hope that doesn't seem's probably creepy...oh well.

Sam Newton
03/20/12 02:10:15PM @sam-newton:

I had a Latarjet Bristow surgery. look it up on gooooogle :D

03/20/12 12:39:47AM @undead:

Nice vid! but what in the world happened to your shoulder???

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