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Does anyone with young dreads ever get told they should get dreads? xD

By: Rose
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I have some beads on the dreads I have that are well formed enough. Today in class this boy was looking at my beads and was like "you should get dreads, and then put the beads on the dreads".

My dreads are nearly at 6 months. I didnt even say anything, I just kinda pulled out dread that looked enough like a dread for him to get it. He was like "are you doing that?". I'm all like, "yeah, just completely natural".

Convo paid off, because he started telling me he wanted dreads, and I showed him how to TnR on a little strand of my hair. I told him he should grow out his hair a little more, and he asked me what he should do then. I told him his options were TnR, backcomb, or freeform, I didn't even mention anything else. The only thing is he doesn't know anything about any of those, so I guess I should just send him to this website.

Uh... yeah, I've been told by a few other people that "i should get dreads". It's always leaves me having no idea what to say, cause by this point, you can see the damn dreads in my hair. Has that ever happened to anyone else?

jesse demato
02/18/13 11:21:50PM @jesse-demato:
I'm at about six months andpeople have told me " you should get dreads" a dozen times atleast

02/17/13 11:25:22AM @randi2:
A month into neglect someone told me I needed to brush my hair and I said nooo I'm growing dreads.. And he said 'well there's more to dreads than just not brushing- you need to get them done professionally'. So yea it kinda sucks that people are so misinformed but at least it gives way for an opportunity to tell them about how natural dreads are born and not made

Diego F.
02/17/13 09:40:34AM @diego-f:

at 8.5 months i still hear this

02/15/13 03:12:54PM @pete:

2 months, i get questions like "Why didn't u make dreadlocks"

"when are you gonna to a barber, to get dreads?"

"Why don't they look like dreads"

Just answer happily, one day will be awesome.

02/15/13 09:56:32AM @rose:

Hmm, I only get so many comments because I go to high school lol. Kids, especially teenagers, tend to say anything that's on their minds.

At school I always get asked why I don't do twists and I'm just like what xD

02/14/13 07:39:40PM @ixchel:

I'm a little over a year & only had 2 strangers mention dreads. 1 was a couple months ago maybe & she asked if I had dreads (so not a definite yes they are there, but they were looking like something was going on), & then the night before my 1 year a guy asked me if I was "trying for dreads or something" I told him yes, tomorrow is a year "oh..."...not quite a reaction I was hoping for but it's some sort of recognition! All the strangers I've told I was trying for dreads say I should backcomb, I'm sorry but I like my snails pace ;)

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