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Rob Finch


Location: London
Country: GB


images: 7
audio tracks: 2

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Life Is Not A Game (Doctors Darling Riddim)

Life Is Not A Game (Doctors...

8 years ago - Comments: 0
It was written

It was written

8 years ago - Comments: 0

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Me Dread
Bob Simpson
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aditya ngangbam
10/16/10 03:35:22PM @aditya-ngangbam:
dats gr8 u like drums n percussion,like nick manson!!but i saw an acoustic guitar on ur picneway u ever heard of sae colleg in kingsland road,i ve to do my degree over there next year so i was just asking bout dat!

aditya ngangbam
10/16/10 08:27:34AM @aditya-ngangbam:
297 Kingsland RoadLondonhey you know where is this place

aditya ngangbam
10/16/10 08:20:33AM @aditya-ngangbam:
hey bro you play guitar!!!if that kinda days come in mumbai den it would be amazing!!!!up here its the same hot humid !

aditya ngangbam
10/15/10 04:30:57PM @aditya-ngangbam:
hey bro wer r u

aditya ngangbam
10/02/10 09:13:12AM @aditya-ngangbam:
same s usual but my dreads r not working properly

aditya ngangbam
10/02/10 08:43:02AM @aditya-ngangbam:
hi bro

tinkerbell the rainbow fairy
04/23/10 02:47:15AM @tinkerbell-the-rainbow-fairy:
hiy its very nice to meet you thankyou for adding me sending you hugs of love and light xxx

04/14/10 12:29:14PM @pamella:
Just happened to come in from outside and saw your friendship req/accept...Glad to have you as a friend Rob..Blessings from Florida~

01/12/10 07:03:37PM @alfy:
Thanks man, you have some pretty badass locks by the way, keep it knotty!

Lonnie Berg
01/01/10 06:19:44PM @lonnie-berg:
Thank you for the well wishes My Brother, and here's wishing you and yours the best this ole world has to give. Haven't seen ya round in a while, everything been goin OK? Love and Light to You and Yours, namaste'

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