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Location: Sarasota, FLORIDA
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/11 10:02:44PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome i would realy advise ya to throw away the crochet hook and join the crochet recovery group crochets very bad fior dreads!

10/26/10 10:51:23PM @feedroh:
Wha u got sum wiked dreads gurl wea u frm in Aotearoa? Im maori frm Ruatoki Tuhoe Nga tamariki o te Kohu no hea koe? Wea u frm G?

Adrian Keenan
06/12/10 02:39:32PM @fanci-taylor:
Did you do your most recent set all natural?

Caroline Bassett
04/08/10 08:44:50PM @geoff-lahey:
thanks for the add and whatnot. sorry it took me so long to get back to you, it's been a long couple's life dread lady?

Darcy Whittaker
04/01/10 03:34:25AM @sylvahnna-awen:
KIA ORA D.O!! you got some seriously gnarly dreads - they are frickin awesome! Nice to see more and more cats from the land o' the long white cloud on here. Us kiwis - we'll be taking over the world soon, just wait!

04/01/10 03:02:02AM @lyon-unverzagt:
I can feel alot of serious wax in some dreads and after nearly 9 months of growing they are still real pointy n stiff. I stopped using wax 4 months in and since then have been washing my hair 4 -5 times a week

Marisa Hinds
03/31/10 08:23:46PM @chris3:
thanks for accepting

Rodney Butler
03/24/10 11:05:37PM @prue-dence:
hey sorry for takin so long to respond! all of my jewelry is made from polymer clay. im actually wearing some right now! and i only had one set, im working on growing my hair out for another set!

sabrina redmon
02/24/10 08:59:28PM @dorothy-campbell:
thanks, mine are 6 months now and they seem to be getting messier every day lol. i like the narly look, very unique and they look great on you!peace :)

Caitlin Brynn
02/21/10 11:24:05PM @moyo:
lolit's ok i call everyone a dude, even my girlfriend on occasion mostly when i get excited :P

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