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Rheana Hayes


Country: US


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Rheana Hayes

Crystal Healing Sleeves!

Yay! I found a seller on etsy who...
@Rheana Hayes 3 years ago - Comments: 1
Rheana Hayes

The Ways I Plan to Love My Locks

Some energy experiments for my first...
@Rheana Hayes 3 years ago - Comments: 0

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dreads day 6, left side
dreads day 6, front
dreads day 5, left side
Dreads Day 5, front
dreads day 5, right side
dreads day 5, front
dreads day 4, after herb rinse and blow dry
dreads day 4, profile
dreads day 4, back
dreads day 4, back 2
dreads day 3, profile
dreads day 3, front


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