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Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Zipcode: 32170
Country: US


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Day 600

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/14 12:07:08AM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/05/10 12:35:16AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brothernatural is the way to go :)glad u joined usnamaste

02/01/12 09:09:54PM @elijah:

Hi ya! How go your efforts at Clean Living? It's not easy at first, I know...

Jo Woods
01/13/12 11:42:07AM @lovescompass:

I hear you on the frustration -- it took 2 tries for me to finally get centered and tie my hands with duct tape and give them a chance to spring to life! I'm trying to hang in there. It's been a crazy stretch of months. Had a bad roommate incident that forced me to move abruptly and I've only just found a new space. It's been so crazy. I just want to get settled and heal. It's so good to see you back here, chica. Give a shout when you need -- especially those days where the hands start to have a life of their own, beckoning you towards the mirror with clippers and scissors! Hope you have a great weekend ahead! I'm wishing you loving, warm early Spring vibes your way! x0x0x

Jo Woods
01/12/12 08:05:03PM @lovescompass:

Absolutely, luv -- I remember you!!!! How have you been??? And, AHEM...what's happening with those dreaddies, chica????? I second what dear Panterra said. Just imagine you can hear my voice speaking through a loud speaker echoing over your head -- HEY, YOU...yeah, YOU -- Cool Woodstock gal with the budding dreads...KEEP THOSE BUSY HANDS OUT OF YOUR HAIR and SLOOOOOOOWLY back away from the mirror!!!!! Let your sweet dreaddies come back to life...every day you nurture and let them be, they're growing that much stronger and happier. Just think of where you'll be in 3months...6months...a year down the line looking back at how you started them now? YOU CAN DO IT! Don't give up, luv. We're here for you, good days and bad. Keep those tams and wraps handy when your hands are just too busy for their own good. And don't leave any scissors near your mirrors! x0x0x

denise iesha alice shannon
01/06/12 02:11:47AM @cindy-lillemo:


denise iesha alice shannon
01/03/12 01:17:22AM @cindy-lillemo:

Oh gosh! I forgot!!! Sorry...I would love to trade with you. I have lots of tams I have made. I can easily take a photo and send it to you so you can pick or you can trust my judgement. What kind of colors do you like? I love jewelry and find handmade pieces most meaningful. I love the ocean but not the color blue. I love rocks and crystals, anything unique. My favorite color is green :)

denise iesha alice shannon
01/03/12 01:12:19AM @cindy-lillemo:

Thank you for your very kind words and the red ribbon! Those ribbons mean alot to me. I lost my best friend Greg almost 6 years ago to AIDS. It was a loss that broke my heart, but I think of him every time I see a red ribbon. I even have one tattooed on my wrist. Although I wish he was still in this life with me, he lived life on his own terms...which ultimately took him away. But, his courage to be who he was was what I loved so much. We all have to be who we truly are. A moment of wonderful, is so much better than a lifetime of nothing much. I am glad that you are trying the dreads again. I believe you will be successful in every way this time. I am glad you also have support in your girlfriend. If you ever have a question, don't be afraid to ask. :D

01/02/12 11:41:10PM @alfy:

Thank you! You're welcome.

denise iesha alice shannon
01/02/12 08:32:07PM @cindy-lillemo:
Red Ribbon

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