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Reed A Dehler


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question about washing...

By: Reed A Dehler
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Hey so my friend who has locks, and also used the natural method told me not to wash for the first 6 monthes to a year. I'm in the first 2 weeks and havn't washed my hair. I've heard different opinions. If anyone can help me out with this that would be excellent! Thanks guys!w love
03/22/11 12:45:47AM @liz:
wash wash wash... oil makes it harder to dread. squeeky clean hair knots much faster.

Sancho Lopez
02/25/11 09:21:34AM @sancho-lopez:
wash em homey

Kayla Hinners
02/22/11 01:52:43AM @kayla-hinners:
SE is right. After I was my hair it gets all fluffy and then knots up like crazy. I used to wash once every week and a half or two weeks (due to pure laziness) and when I started washing twice a week they went crazy and got so much tighter. It really does do so much better that way. Besides, why would somebody want really dirty hair? That's just freakin gross.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/11 07:50:42PM @soaring-eagle:

ewww wash your locks theres never any reason to not wash wash 1-3 times a week why would anyone not wash that long thats gross

wash em they dread fastest when clean in fact right after u wash they knot the most

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