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Location: New Orleans, LA
Zipcode: 70126
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/16/11 11:06:31AM @soaring-eagle:

Marisa Hinds
06/01/10 03:11:02AM @chris3:
hey thanks for accepting man.peace_zen

willa si
05/22/10 05:30:13PM @journe-domek:
Thank you for the friendship Mark. love your pics :DPeace and loveMelaniexx

05/21/10 11:49:16PM @paul-thomas:
thanks for the kind comments bro! annnd my septum is 6 gauge. whatever that equals out to be in mm haha. :) take care bro!

sabrina redmon
05/19/10 10:43:58AM @dorothy-campbell:
thanks for the comment and friendship :) your dreads look awesomee!

Patty Haynes
05/17/10 03:35:01AM @jacopo-bernatti:
i will,kaxxa genn :P

Patty Haynes
05/16/10 03:38:43PM @jacopo-bernatti:
aw wahda jisima lizz :) nahseb togbok...

Patty Haynes
05/16/10 04:01:17AM @jacopo-bernatti:
markkk ...qed tiprova issib mazza?:P ghax hawwww wahda ..pihh.

Athena G
05/15/10 12:04:40PM @dresden-genevieve:
oh thats badass (:

Athena G
05/15/10 11:26:23AM @dresden-genevieve:
nice! what size are you at right now?

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