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Rebecca Skelton


Location: Hull
Country: GB


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my hair after 4 days of not brushing


08/20/12 08:15:50PM @ixchel: beads, walmart, michaels or joann fabrics, a facebook & etsy page & they do custom glass orders. or you can always make/find your own!!! get creative ;)

08/20/12 07:55:17PM @metalhead:
Don't seperate them IN the shower seperate them AFTER the shower! Much easier =)Well since you bought the bottle, you might as well finish it! Some would suggest doing a baking soda deep cleanse after you're done, so your hair is totally clean before you start dreading.Once you have started dreading your hair using t&r or backcombing, you can use beads or wraps to prevent certain dreads from growing into each other!

08/20/12 05:30:31PM @metalhead:

Haha thanks =)

With t&r, it is a LOT easier to do thinner dreads instead of thicker ones, but thick ones are still possible! Check out the ones on the back of my head for evidence haha!

I was at the Download festival in the East Midlands 2 years ago, it was pretty cool!

Oh yeah and if you're looking to seperate your hair naturally at the start, it is easiest to do so just after you've had a shower!

08/20/12 12:52:48PM @metalhead:
Yeah it always helps if the person doing it has some experience! If she works in a salon ask her how she used to do them, then research that method to see if it can help you get the dreads you want =)Most people I know that backcombed came out pretty well, I did t&r nyself but it soon untangled and I just let it go naturally from there!I see you're from Hull, do you go to any music festivals in the UK?

08/19/12 08:30:05AM @metalhead:

You should be excited, you have a great journey ahead! Have you decided on which method you are going to use?

08/18/12 09:10:59PM @metalhead:

Greetings from across the water! I really like your hair colour, it will look great all dreaded up!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/12 03:22:25PM @soaring-eagle:

if u go to someones page it says the methods they used shes mostly natural but tnr'ed a few underneath

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/09/12 11:39:33AM @soaring-eagle:

09/09/12 10:22:15AM @darkstar:

Welcome. Why do you like to blunt them? Blunt tips take hours longer to dry and can cause mold because of it. On average, they take 5 more hours to dry completely

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/09/12 11:39:33AM @soaring-eagle:

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