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Rebecca halpryn


Location: Versailles, KY
Zipcode: 40383
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/10/12 02:35:00PM @soaring-eagle:

Donna McCall
02/06/13 11:34:34AM @donna-mccall:

Your dreads are going to turn out absolutely gorgeous. I had to comment about your bar story, it made me laugh because I'm a regular bar-goer myself and have dealt with the same issues. Don't let it prevent you from going out and having a great time. If someone asks about my dreads I'll usually just refer them to this site.

Holly Sanderson
01/26/13 11:03:48PM @holly-sanderson:
Ello beautiful. Your dreads look so mature for being babies. Any secrets ;) ?

J.D. Austin
01/19/13 03:33:33PM @jd-austin:

Thank you! Those keychains I actually collected myself, there are 16 or 17 and they represent all the states I have been to :)

01/19/13 01:16:17PM @crystalyn:

Thanks for the welcome!

Alex Kaufman
01/19/13 08:36:07AM @alex-kaufman:

Thank you for your welcome :)

01/19/13 07:38:26AM @dev:

Thanks! Peace and love...

12/30/12 12:44:12PM @tony2:

Welcome and Happy Dreading..

12/30/12 10:29:02AM @darkstar:

Welcome from Philly

wyatt walker
12/30/12 12:35:02AM @wyatt-walker:

hello WELCOME TO DREDLOCKSSITE! u r pretty SE was correct lol:)good luck an peace be with u

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