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Rainbow Fortune


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Henna - how (the hell) do you make it work? :D

By: Rainbow Fortune
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Okay, so.

My natural hair color is daaaark brown (so dark people usually think it's black). I've been dying my hair red for years, but I've decided I don't want to use chemicals anymore, so I've switched to henna.

All it does for me is intensify the part that has been dyed red before, but it doesn't do anything to the new growth. (Except for my gray hair which turns kinda gold.(I have more and more gray ones each day, and I'm 22. Genetics, baby. :D ))

What I want to know is how you people prepare it, exactly.

I've heard of people using lemon juice, but lemon juice is supposed to be conditioning, right?

I have about half kg (1 pound) of henna from India, and I would hate for it to go to waste...

Also, do you apply it to damp or dry hair?

I've been applying it to damp hair, since it spreads easier that way (since I'm unable to use a brush or a comb to spread it - obviously), but the dripping during the next 4 - 5 hours (which is how long I keep it on my head) is driving me crazy.

08/16/12 11:13:05AM @ixchel:

& instead of lemon juice there are other "yellows" you can use. the chamomile tea, marigolds, tumeric & more

08/16/12 10:56:09AM @ixchel:

i'd never heard of lemon juice being conditioning, henna is though. lemon juice is acidic so you don't want to be leaving too much on for too long or too often type thing.

Rainbow Fortune
08/16/12 10:51:19AM @rainbow-fortune:

I've read things on that site before, but I've always avoided lemon juice, since people say it's conditioning. I'll try it next time anyways, hopefully it will work. :D

Thank you both. :D

08/16/12 07:42:29AM @ixchel:

i mix it up (different each time i do it) sometimes it has lemon juice, sometimes chamomile tea, i think i've added cloves or another spice once before to get darker &/or redder. i do it a lot like tied up, mix it wipe it on dry hair with my hands (in gloves) or using a basting type brush to glob it on & spread it down, wrap up my head in plastic bag & then a towel over that to keep it all in there. Sometimes I hit up the plastic a little with a blow dryer to give it some warmth, otherwise i just wait a few hours (don't recall how long, longer if you want more color to stay).

if you look at give you a lot of information about different mixes & what you can add, plus they have photos of before & after for all kinds of hair color & information on what that person used for their mixes (just remember everyones hair starts out different & will react slightly different so even if you copy their mix exactly & your hair looked a lot like theirs to start results may vary).

Rainbow Fortune
08/16/12 06:23:55AM @rainbow-fortune:

I mix it up the same way, but it doesn't do anything for the new growth. I thought there might be a secret ingredient or something. :D

Oh, well, I'll have a full head of gray hair soon anyways, maybe then it will work. :D

Tied up in knots
08/16/12 03:10:11AM @tied-up-in-knots:
i kust mix it with water until it makes a thick mud. then i get naked in the bathtub and glob it on to each dread with my hands. wear gloves though unless you dont mind orange hands amd fingernails. then i stick a shower cap on and wrap saran wrap around the bottom to keep it all sealed up. sometimes i will let it sit over night but lately I just let it sit for 3-5 hours depemding on my patience.apologies for typos and such. I hate posting from my phone!

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