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Location: Helsinki
Country: FI


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Little Wing
04/02/14 07:55:01AM @little-wing:

Do you still have your dreads?

What do you think and how you managed to get a job in Finland and growing dreadlocks? I think in this country are more open minded people who don't care that much about the hair look but how you do your job (with very few exceptions). I hope I'm not wrong since I started my journey but also I am close to job searching, hehe.



Jackie C.
05/14/12 01:30:25PM @jackie-c:

Hey, I checked out that link you sent on Werbecksinging. That sounds really cool! I always feel spiritually nourished after singing and I agree that it's benefits can go far beyond what we're aware of. I'm interested in reading more about it. How's your dread journey going? I'm really enjoying mine. I really feel like my true self with dreads.

Jackie C.
03/18/12 09:17:02PM @jackie-c:

I've mostly sung in rock bands. I'm currently singing with a band at the spiritual community I attend. I also write music and lyrics. I recorded an album in 2006 that has gotten some air-play on the community radio station where I live. My influences include Tori Amos, Depeche Mode and Radiohead. What type of music do you sing? You said you study music, too?

02/29/12 01:38:29PM @paige:

that's funny, i was just looking at your timeline when you sent the request! yours look like theyre goin pretty fast too! it's a journey we'll take together :)

02/25/12 11:34:23PM @kaedence:

Your dreads are looking good! I love that you've made an agreement with yourself to stick with them for awhile before undoing all of the love that you've put in =~} Looking forward to seeing them evolve!

Naked Naturalist
02/20/12 10:18:26AM @naked-naturalist:

peace and <3!! (:

01/02/12 05:15:57PM @ugglan:

alltid trevligt ! gtt nytt r p dig med =D

01/02/12 01:09:11PM @audra:

Thank you! :) Most seem to not be getting to lose. I might rubberband one that has loosed a bunch at the root.

12/27/11 07:44:15PM @georgiafreespirit:

thank you for the very kind comment sister! i really enjoy your background....blessings to you and your dread journey...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/24/11 03:05:59PM @soaring-eagle:

it defaults to white

u should post pics of your new dreads

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