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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for L.D.50
"welcome i hope u only crochetted once to start its extremely bad for dreads "
14 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Megan Palmer
"welcome but crochets not maintenance its destruction please please please dont crochet her dreads"
16 minutes ago
Little Wing replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion It's good to be back.
"Actually, this days I've been thinking/experienced some sort of things now. Is like... I have…"
32 minutes ago
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2 hours ago
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6 hours ago
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6 hours ago

Shane Northern replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Awesome man! I'm not that far along yet. I've actually forgotten, just know its not been…"
8 hours ago
b foreal man joined Jay Simmons's group

A Work In Progress

This is for newbies or seasoned dread lovers who are not ashamed to show off their progress in…See More
9 hours ago
April Parker posted photos
11 hours ago
Athena G loved Natty Dave's photo
11 hours ago
April Parker said
"Listening to my (well everybody's right?) favorite song before bed Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddy Mercury. Nuff said. 'Night :)"
11 hours ago
Athena G loved Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
11 hours ago

crafty crafters
Anna Blocker loved Boomshelly's photo
11 hours ago

Ibe Reverie replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Ah my fifteen months is tomorrow. So I am pretty excited for that. I will try and get some pictures…"
11 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ loved Anna Blocker's photo
12 hours ago

crafty crafters
Anna Blocker posted photos
12 hours ago

Shane Northern replied to Ibe Reverie's discussion I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.
"Whats up man? You're journey looks a lot like my journey lol. Lookin pretty awesome. "
12 hours ago

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At 11:52pm on June 20, 2010, Iain said…
thanks man, I actually think yours are still lookin pretty good though, they've probably mature alot more lately right?
I think that in the time gap between our start points you'll really see yours change alot, the last 5-6ishmonths I've seen mine really form into how they look now,
even so they start to actually grow instead of shrink like mine were.
At 10:54pm on June 9, 2010,
vip supporters
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At 7:06pm on May 19, 2010, Matted Dew said…
yo waddup mann
thanks for the friendship holmes, them dreads are loookin goooooooood
At 5:19pm on February 24, 2010, Iain said…
hey man thank you, it's been over a year now, I started in Jan of 09,
you still have yours? since i think it's been longer than 29days for you right? lol :)
At 1:17pm on October 24, 2009, Chuck R said…
Not sure about immigration in Tahiti. I know it's really hard to get EU citizenship, I'm trying, but no never been there. Would like to soon.
At 11:28am on October 15, 2009, D! said…
Have a wonderful birthday!
At 11:05am on October 15, 2009, Jo said…
Happy Birthday! Hope It is Awesome!
At 10:01am on October 15, 2009, Lonnie Berg said…
namaste' is a Hindu term used when greeting someone or upon leaving, basically it translates- the Light within me honors the Light within you, we are as one
At 8:53am on October 15, 2009, Lonnie Berg said…
Happy Birthday Brother, have a Rockin Day, namaste'
At 3:17pm on October 10, 2009, Chuck R said…
Thanks, just saving up for the next trek.
At 12:54pm on October 4, 2009, Chuck R said…
Whats up brotha?
At 9:12am on September 25, 2009, Didjeridurian said…
Do not! I repeat DO NOT get a bamboo didj from some headshop or new age store or festival. If its shiny wood really light and less than 40$ it will split within a week and we worthless.
If you want a good starter go to They have some inexpensive PVC and bamboo. They also have some agave and eucalyptus but they are not necessarily recommended for beginners because of the higher price. Bamboo can be just as good as traditional eucalyptus in many respects. They are also easier to learn on because they are shorter and more uniform in shape so they have more backpressure which makes circular breathing easier.
You can also check out a tutorial on youtube and make your own didj out of some PVC from home depot. PVC didj's may be unconventionla but they are easily keyed and the harmonics are outstanding. Modrn didj players are all using the now.
I have a bamboo that I got years ago and paid like 55 bucks for it. Its in a C# and its got a few overtone notes.
The eucalyptus is a C and has a really great layered effect with alot of resonance.
If you ever consider a eucalyptus make sure it comes from australia and it is fair trade from aboriginal crsfters. If it is from Bali, Indonesia, or India it is NOT termite bored and was not made traditionally. A real didj is a eucalyptus tree that was hollowed out by termites and left as just an outer core. The aboriginal crafters then go out into the bush and find hollow trees. They do traditional tests to see if it would be a good didj then they carefully remove it and plant a new tree in its place. then they clean it up and decorate it.
At 5:21pm on September 24, 2009, Rob Weller said…
thanks man, it's been a long 6 yrs
At 4:29pm on September 23, 2009, sam said…
Hey, I'm a veggie too, and I started dreading about a week or too before you.
At 11:04am on September 16, 2009, RBN said…
thank you for the comment my friend. my hair wasnt too long before dreading. and after i had dreads done, it took about 2 inches off the length.
At 1:40am on September 15, 2009, gr8fuldreadgrrl said…
Hello new friend!
Happy Dreading!
At 10:07pm on September 12, 2009, Courtney J said…
Thank you for the friendship.
At 10:53am on August 29, 2009,
dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
wow 22 whole days huh? haha cool
we got a nice mix of newbies and more experienced dreadies so jump on in and get the help ya need to dread wisely

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