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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"1 final point jobs care only about thembeing clean and samnitary to keep themn uniform and …"
8 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"uneven thickness makes them look real every dread the same size just makes them look…"
14 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"not to mention thatdreads are extremeky common  theyt are really everywehere u look …"
21 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"and i have gotten every job i ever applied for i onpy apply for the jobs i really want tho i have…"
32 minutes ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"just the oposite  and i wsas talking about the crowd od dreads on your hgesad with jobs ui…"
34 minutes ago
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56 minutes ago
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57 minutes ago
Mujtaba Ali replied to Stubby's discussion uni-dreads
"The very fact that I have dreads makes me stand out from the crowd though. Dreadlocks aren't…"
1 hour ago

bands and musicians
Ras Drew replied to Mathew G.'s discussion Too short to start?
"yeah thats what i did. started with about 3-4 inches of hair and now i have dreadies . just be…"
5 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Mathew G.
"welcome to the community"
5 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Mathew G.'s discussion Too short to start?
"probly will be months if short "
5 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Mathew G.'s discussion Too short to start?
"u can start at bald u can start the day your born (assume too late for that) typically it wont…"
5 hours ago
Mathew G. replied to Mathew G.'s discussion Too short to start?
"Alright. I hope it works out. Having dreads starting in a couple weeks/months would be chill. "
6 hours ago

Lauryn Dowding replied to Mathew G.'s discussion Too short to start?
"Just let it go man and see what happens, what's the worst hay! :D Peace and love."
7 hours ago
Allan posted a video
7 hours ago
Mathew G. posted a discussion

Too short to start?

So today I decided that I wanted to let my hair dread. My hair isn't exactly long, though. Should I…See More
7 hours ago
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7 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for Krystal Eichy
8 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to MoorZ's discussion Keepind dreads dry in pool
" has a few  caps made for dreads or u can just soak with fresh…"
8 hours ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ commented on L Sully's blog post strings in dreads
"stuck in them like  fuzz or  what"
8 hours ago

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At 1:07pm on February 26, 2014, than_g said…

i ll buy the dreadlock wax remover and i have to wait a lot of i think there is not a reseller in europe. any other suggestions? there are a lot lose hair in my dreads in the back of my head...

At 10:43pm on February 23, 2014,
Cat Reegs

cool…will do

At 8:40pm on February 23, 2014, GrandRüne said…

Yeah thanks, I learnt the hard way with that, got all the residue out from it, doing a bs/acv wash helped get it out really good but I think might of left a residue of its own in so just been rinsing with water & its been hair is still a little short to lock up (6 inches or so) but it's already sectioned itself off & stuff, ordered some of the liquid shampoo, seems like the way to go. by the way thanks for all the advice your site has provided, much respect!

At 8:04pm on February 23, 2014,
Cat Reegs

Interesting! How does it damage them?? just weakening and breakage? But thank you! Ill check for hard water. Are there any other products that are good to clean them if i do have hard water? I take your advice to heart. 

At 4:10pm on February 23, 2014, Tommy Rukus said…

thanks man. how would i tell that? im not positive, but i feel like where i live i probably do have hard water. i dont even know of other products to try though. 

At 8:09am on February 23, 2014, than_g said…

i haven t use any wax removal just washing. i haven t use wax for about 6 years and stop using crochet for the past 2-3 years

At 12:42am on February 22, 2014, x ))O(( Davi ))O(( x said…

I talk too don't do too well on these social things XD So please excuse the fire! Rawr! Anyways, I came on looking for recipes...anything for hair care...soaks...all that. Ohh I should research what vitamins, minerals, and all that jazz would be good as hair how we ingest certain things for our own health, and put certain things on our skin like vitamin E. I know there's silica and biotin for our hair skin and nails...but I wanna dig deeper...or maybe I'm over thinking it...I'm sure there's some hidden secrets in ayurveda...have you come across anything like that? Other than rosemary and the usuals? Or maybe our scalps are doing just fine. lol.

At 12:12am on February 22, 2014, x ))O(( Davi ))O(( x said…

Haha yea interlocking, first timers regret! It's such a horrible thing I forgot the word cause I chose to push it out of my mind, lol. Yeah my first year it was hard finding information and connections. A dread I met mentioned this place, so I what a regret. But hey, you can't learn if you don't fall ;P Anyways, I wouldn't fixate on the faults and bad experiences of others, considering what most of what you and any of us here are seeing are mostly stories of experiences ranging from bad to good so there is nothing else to judge by if one has yet to try, especially if you haven't tried. It just creates fear. But to every bad story are a thousand unheard good ones :) 'Cause as you said, you haven't done anything to yours, so all these negative tales can be freaking people out...I'm just saying this because I see a lot of anti-this-that-crocheting...but all our methods are unique to ourselves, and that's why they are, because they work. I let mine "go" and I had inches of straight hair that never naturally knotted up contrary to what others have said, it just looked terrible...flat, messy, and miserable and it made me depressed and embarassed...the last feeling any of us should have over our sacred 'do's. That wasn't my personal "Vision", So I hooked up with my lady and they've been clean and have dreaded up and have kept me HAPPY! Cause isn't that what truely deeply matters? =P I'm not one for this one way train of thinking, I just do what works for ME, and I encourage this to all! It can take years to find out what works. I follow up with my own maintenance which is the most important part. Not every branch is perfect but even those that break start anew, as do our trial and errors.

I'm not creating bad blood, I just want to speak out of positive experience, because I for one have had a good one in terms of my roots since I started this new method, so I don't want guy's and gal's out there to suffer if everything else has failed and all they're hearing are bad things about something that just might work for them and give them hope. Most people here are looking for hope, help, and suggestions. I'm just shining a mere light and I hope that can be respected, cause I'm not meaning any disrespect to you :D I'm just trying to figure this out because I've been doing my roots like this for about 3 years and haven't experienced any horrors, nor has my fella, or my friends, but then again, no two snowflakes are the same. And they dread right away practically, especially if one keeps up to their own diligence. Haven't experienced this first 6 month thing...but then again most people get them done and just let them be and that's the problem...perfection takes time and patience.

I admire your commitment and care, keep it rockin' it man! You're keepin' em pure and simple, and you're one of the lucky ones who pure and simple totally works.

At 10:41pm on February 21, 2014, Nathan St. Armand said…

Thank you for welcoming me to this website! It seems like it's bringing in a lot of loving people. It's good to meet like-minded people on that front!

At 9:43pm on February 21, 2014, x ))O(( Davi ))O(( x said…

Hey! :D

From Knotty Boy...yeah I used the wax...ohh snap! :D lol. But hey, it was about 7+ years ago, and there was only so much information available online about how to do them, what methods there are, ect. And trust me the researching can be VERY overwhelming, so I did what felt right based on my research at the time and the guidence of my friend who created them. After a few months when they tightened and matured, I actually did a home made dread bath to leech out what I could from the product and dude that water was MURKY! Soo slimey and murky, I definitely got a lot of residue out. I've been doing this about twice a year and it's amazing what a deep clean they get since I started doing it. The funky stank lessons as the years go on and they're really fresh and odourless as of today, unlike how they were before I started my first bath, so I guess I'm a unique case and I started an early ritual. I was also using their shampoo bar, but I got bored of it and paying the price. (I use the Mountain Sky rasta bar hemp from BC and I can get it at the store for 4-5 bux...all natural and totally satisfying) Their cooling spray also made me happy :D

As for crotchet, it's just for my roots. It works best for my hair and my loc-lady is gentle and careful. After 2 weeks I'll give em a bit of a rub to lock em in. In the beginning I used to get that weird in-and-out weavy method at the roots, but I hated it. It would thin out the dread and create holes, it was more like a braid! So after a few years of doing nothing, I went back to m'lady and she started the crotchet method for my roots and it keeps my dread consistent to my dreads thickness and they've been growing out tidy and great ever since. What is this 6 month delay? Is that for people who get their whole dread done by crotchet?

They are now past my butt and they keep on growing! A mind of their own I say. I saw a dermatologist out of curiosity and she was amazed at the health of my scalp and the fact that there's no recession, fungus, or any other odd issues that cross her path with dreads. And I wash my hair twice a month...maybe 3 if I'm feelin' sassy ;)

Thanks for you curiosity! I'm always writing a damn book, haha, it's even worse when people ask, I got my whole shpeel memorized lol. Cheers =) 

At 11:50am on February 21, 2014,
bands and musicians
Ni Tran
Actually i didn't use anything on my dreads except for the normal shampoo to wash them. It's really hard to find any dreadlocks product in Vietnam, no expert, even the guy who made dreads for me couldn't give me any advise to take care of my dreads :)) Oh, and thanks for your welcome ;)
At 4:57pm on February 19, 2014,
vip supporters
Thank you for the welcome. That was an awesome picture you posted.
At 7:30am on February 18, 2014,
bands and musicians
Chris Nelson

Thank you my brother :) Much peace love and blessings to you 

At 2:55am on February 18, 2014,
crafty crafters
Ashley Wende
Thanks so much for the advice. I thought I had done my research but I suppose not! I'll do some more homework :D
At 7:08am on February 14, 2014, Dil C Maka said…

Good morning S.E. :-) Thank you so much for your welcome.I only realised today that you left a comment. I'm affraid i'm not very good with computers so I would apologise now for any future ignorance in computer etiquette :)

I did also want to ask about the thin sections I have. In your extensive experience have you noticed a difference in how fast thinner sections dread compared to the thicker ones?

Thanks for your support S.E. :)

At 3:18pm on February 7, 2014, kiwibadja said…

Hey :) Thanks for the advice on crotchet hooking, but, the thing is, I need my hair super tidy for work so I have to get the loose ends pulled in every 8 weeks or so, I won't do it more often than that, really. If there's any other way I can keep them looking good though that would be awesome! I will not use wax - ever - my friend who put them in for me would slaughter me and I KNOW i would regret it - just read all the stories here, eugh. 

Anyway, the girl who maintains them for me is very good at it, there are no breakage sounds and she maintains others with crochet, too, and they seem to be okay, even her own which have been in for 2+ years.

At 12:00am on February 3, 2014,
vip supporters

Indeed that was me :) 

At 11:30pm on February 2, 2014, nom the bindlepunk said…
she's had them for a few years now. she just crochets them constantly. she's totally set in her ways. she's even started going to a salon. they look so fake. not how I want my branches to look at all.
At 10:17pm on February 2, 2014, nom the bindlepunk said…
a girl I know with dreads did it. she started with back combing, used done wax, rubber bands, root flipping, crocheting, and interlocking. they were two months old. I had my partner help me undo the madness. I just passed my three month mark 24 January. started fresh with the natural way. most of my knots fell out due to the horrific damage. did a baking soda soak today. things are looking up. I'm much happier with my corkscrew willow tree branches now :)
At 4:25pm on February 1, 2014,
vip supporters
GinJah Marie Legg

Hey Soaring Eagle, I just see ya everywhere.. I think we are FB friends or on another site... glad to see your still around my brother (:

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