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At 9:37pm on June 2, 2014,
crafty crafters
Jenny Jenkins
Actually, I took these pictures after 1 week. Week 2 starts on Thursday ;) I'll take more pictures then. But I do feel alot of shrinkage going on in the back already. My hair is chemically treated (bleached) so I was hoping I would have such success with my baby fine and very thin hair. I can't wait to see what happens next!
At 12:07pm on June 2, 2014,
vip supporters

Thank you!

At 3:02am on June 1, 2014, Juliette xoxo said…

At 3:02am on June 1, 2014, Juliette xoxo said…

At 4:28am on May 30, 2014, Helena Hammer said…

Thank you for your message. Yes my dreads are very stiff at the moment, and I wish for them to become looser and more flexible, but patience is my best friend.

At 5:16pm on May 27, 2014, GoodVibes said…
Honestly I'm worried about the outcome, with my career ahead of me I feel like the free form dreads will be too wild :( do you not recommend TnR?
At 9:57am on May 27, 2014,

Thank u. I'm so happy I can be here :)

At 2:33am on May 27, 2014,
bands and musicians

thank you very much sir...

it works really well...

the ripping process feels great, the solid congos at the back are gone, i rip it into two sections with the help of my friend... 

ill post some of my locs updated pics later...

jah bless

At 9:52pm on May 26, 2014, Sherray Fisher said…
Thanks! I like that neat look and I did not know that if I did not re twist the new growth that it would loc on it own.
At 3:54pm on May 26, 2014, Sheba said…

I already told you what I do previously maybe you dont consider it maintenance, I am not a beautician or an expert of any kind I can only tell you how I am blesswed ...Oh and I also trim them,I dont want it to grow any longer.


At 2:36pm on May 26, 2014, Sheba said…
Hello no I experience allot of cerebral pressure I really can't tolerate the ripping and when it's wet it's really heavy I tried they are ABL now so I may begin to put them up and cover them with a wrap for comfort I'm gonna figure out how to do that and see if I can tolerate it
At 12:16am on May 26, 2014, Sheba said…
Hello I wash them and apply just a tap of gel to the roots it takes about three days to dry.I used to do the rip method but due to a neurological issue I can't tolerate the ripping and that has helped me keep them from joining together and other than that I only use Virgin olive oil as necessary.My hair is very thick and coarse.
At 6:10pm on May 25, 2014, Sherray Fisher said…
I only re twist the new growth and when I was washing once a week, then once every two weeks people with locs was telling me that to much!!!
At 5:03pm on May 20, 2014, Jenn Jounieh said…
Thank you :)
At 7:28pm on May 19, 2014, Angela Hoerst said…
Thank you!
At 2:28pm on May 18, 2014,
Paloma Espindola

thank you for your advice. Any tips on how i can get them to stop getting all tangled?

At 5:26pm on May 14, 2014, Adikted said…

oh i've heard about johny the shitlock enthusiast. It actually saddens how many people fall for his rip-offs, i mean, when i decided to dread my hair his website was the first one that came up, but knowing that there's so so much (true) information about dreadlocks out there, i didn't wanna risk loosing two years of hair growth for nothing... i'm surprised nobody complained about his methods yet

At 4:31pm on May 14, 2014, Adikted said…

Wow, people used to do that? it doesn't really surprise with all the dreadlock misinformation out there... my dad actually thought i needed to use egg yolks in order for my dreads to lock up! needless to say i didn't do it lol

At 1:19pm on May 14, 2014, Adikted said…

oh no no not at all, i would never be capable of putting peanut butter on my dreads, i just didn't know what to write, sinsce i removed my dreads and peanuts were on my mind at the time lol. I've been lurking around the forum for quite a while now and ran into a thread that i related to and needed to comment on, about discrimination, so i ended up registering. I already changed the "peanuts" thing to my actual dreading method.

At 1:51pm on May 12, 2014, Spencer said…

I checked, my water is not hard.

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