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Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Military is rough stuff. I could never do it myself. I'm glad you're able to get on the…"
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Lisa Ann Maynard commented on ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's page twist and rip method dreading
"So guys, because of all the stresd its been from sectioning & then resectioning to accidentally…"
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"" I play the music of the ethers dancing through realms as I strum this harp of love." -…"
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stephen posted a photo

Photo uploaded on August 21, 2014

Is amazing for colouring ur knots. Just wet and colour them in
5 hours ago

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Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Yeah, I hit bottom when my daughter was about 5.  When I came out of the military she was 3…"
6 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"I guess we are a lot alike. I'm just glad I decided to do something about it before I had a…"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"I'm sure I could find one at the happy shak! Actually both of those items. But I'm…"
7 hours ago

crafty crafters
Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"We sound VERY similar.  Getting rid of drama and finding the right dose of antidepressants was…"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Also very good information! Sorry I'm not all that good at conversation or giving thanks or…"
7 hours ago

crafty crafters
Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Can you wear a wool tam to keep it out of your face?  Last time I was here a few years ago, it…"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"I sleep a lot too, when I'm not at work. Also I've been trying to hold my hair back with…"
7 hours ago

crafty crafters
Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"I break my hair into three layers-and rub the soap against my roots in between each layer. …"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Diane Circelli's photo

Day four!

"Sorry for crappy quality and light, they have loosened up well. I just hope they tighten just as…"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli posted a photo
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post Day 4!
"Exactly how mine would do! I miss it now.. I guess the key is to only gently massage the scalp and…"
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli loved Sarah's blog post And It Begins!
7 hours ago
Diane Circelli commented on Sarah's blog post And It Begins!
"I'm disappointed in myself. My hair does this all the time. I haven't brushed my hair in…"
7 hours ago

crafty crafters
Sarah commented on Rosebud's photo

Going crazy

"Love how wild it looks!"
8 hours ago

crafty crafters
Sarah loved Rosebud's photo
8 hours ago
Okay, so it's been a full week since I've eaten meat, and with my entire family knowing, good for that right? Yes. Now, I have gotten some crap about it, allot of crap about it. My siblings calling me stupid, and my brother and uncle saying that I am not a real vegetarian because I still drink milk and eat cheese, which they are completely stupid because there are two different things, Vegan and Lacto-Ovo. They still call me a faker and what not, but it doesn't bother me anymore because I'm already doing something for myself with not eating animals. Now, onto something that I recently realized. When smelling meat, I get a huge headache, and they really, really smell bad. My little brother was eating beef jerky, got a headache. My family is cooking chicken for dinner, mega headache while I'm writing this. I think my body already hates meat..I have not been craving meat because it makes me feel sick kind of really. Right now, I am planning to get some Tofurky, or Tofu Dogs with the money I got from this lady for walking her dogs today, as my mother sees meat alternative foods as a waste of time and money and what not, but she'll most likely let me get some more things and put em in with her stuff, as she usually cools down about something when she sees that I am actually into it, and will not just give up on it after a few days...Well, my birthday is coming up, and I'm having two vegetarian friends coming over, so were getting mushrooms instead of burgers, and tofu dogs, and I might make some tofu shishkabobs...This is a very interesting journey, that I've been wanting to take for a long time. woo, another post coming next friday!

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Tags: lifechoices, vegetarian, weekone


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Comment by ashley ✿ on August 11, 2010 at 2:54am
wow...that's awesome...that's what I say actually, but I'm really no fisher or hunter so...haha, I do believe that if you use every part of the animal, and you honor it as the Native Americans did, eating meat would be fine, but these days, that just doesn't happen...
Comment by Jordan Skwarek on August 10, 2010 at 10:53pm
I believe the only true, peaceful consumption of meat is where the animal lived a full natural life. Fishing from the ocean for your Dinner would be living with the earth. Creating Enourmous nets to rape the Ocean of it's fish and whatever else inhabits it is mass murder. Hunting wild Buffalo as the Native Americans, was living with the land. Creating Enourmous Death Factories that Breed misery is sick. The only meat I plan to consume is the Fish from the Indian Ocean i catch for my protien. The Earth will provide me with Delicious food of all sorts. Everything from Avacado and Almond trees to pepper plants and rice.
Comment by ashley ✿ on August 10, 2010 at 1:24am
thaanks for your support!
Comment by Matthew on August 9, 2010 at 9:25pm
Congratulations on your new diet! :D
I'm glad you've educated yourself! (:

Spread the health, the wealth, and the knowledge!
Comment by ashley ✿ on August 6, 2010 at 8:17pm
ooh, sounds awesome! I'm going to have to try it someday, it sounds like a very good, and so not complicated salad

vip supporters
Comment by ❂•Paula•❂ on August 6, 2010 at 7:46pm
Ooh and add some avocado on top man!! It makes me hungry just describing it :D

vip supporters
Comment by ❂•Paula•❂ on August 6, 2010 at 7:43pm
Ooomg I forget not everyone is Chilean like me xDD
Ok BEST salad you've ever had, lettuce with lemon oil and salt. Those are salad basics in chile. On that you can add just about any extra stuff like your salad.

Well of course this is if you like lemon. If you don't you can also make it with vinegar. Lettuce vinegar salt and oil. You seriously have to try it :)
Comment by ashley ✿ on August 6, 2010 at 7:31pm
I did that the other day actually paula! I had a salad with a bunch of leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms and uhm, green olives..the best thing is, I didn't need any sauce, the natural juices from anything made the best sauce!
Comment by NaturalWomyn on August 6, 2010 at 3:14pm
I've been a vegetarian for 17 yrs(since I was 10)people are still pretty misinformed unfortunately. One thing that I say makes it VERY clear to people when they start asking me all kinds of dumb questions~ I eat NOTHING with a mother or a face!! :o) That usually shuts em up too! Two birds with one stone...heehee :o)

vip supporters
Comment by ❂•Paula•❂ on August 5, 2010 at 9:28pm
That's great! Congrats :D
Man, that bit about not being a vegetarian because you eat dairy? omg it's SOO ANNOYING! I have an aunt who would always bother me about that. First vegetarians are allowed to eat fish because fish are not animals( ...seriously?!?!) then I'm not a true veg because I still ate got old after the first day.

Then again this woman claims that lemons are not fruits but vegetables and when there is freezing rain it means that it's colder than when it snows because it's never cold when it ZERO credibility there xD

You know if there is anything I miss about meat it's definitely not the taste. Sometimes I miss being so full I couldn't move(sometimes :P) which is quite hard to do without meat. BUT today I had an enormous salad and I'm so full I can barely move..but I feel energized and light at the same time which is awesome :D

Best of luck on the veg...tofurkey is awesome :)

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