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So my son has had dreads for a little over three months.  I have been using Beeswax the entire time until, thank the creator, I found this site. I decided that I am going to blog my wax removal processes since this seems to be such a hot topic. I have some ideas of my own that I am going to try first.

I am about to begin my first method: a hot flat iron and newspaper. I haven't seen or heard of this being done before I just thought about it and it seems reasonable. Plus, I have everything I need and don't have to worry about burning his scalp with boiling water.

Will post pictures and how well it worked shortly.

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Comment by The Barbarian on December 23, 2011 at 12:17am

So, I think this method is working pretty well. I am not sure, however, if I am causing damage due to the high heat. I am thinking to lesson the heat I could heat each dread with a blow dryer and blot with newspaper or paper bags. I guess you have to outweigh the damage of the wax to the damaged of the heat. Also, the dreads are being flattened a bit, but I don't think this will be permanent. I am surprised by the amount of wax coming out on the newspaper. Next I am going to give them a good baking soda wash and let them rest.

My next plan of action is an old college chemistry lesson: like dissolves like. I think this is where the De-Solv-It comes into play. Wax is a nonpolar substance, so we need a solvent that is nonpolar as well. I am thinking mineral oil or olive oil, but not sure what the ramifications of oil in the dread might be. Any thoughts? I am not sure about putting De-Solv-It into his hair...

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