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8 hours ago
So...I'm here...
When I arrived I didn't expect much more than what I had fully planned...
LOTS has happened...
Too much to type just about a month...omg....
Life is interesting again though which is cool...

The day I arrived at jfk airport...nervous isn't the word...
I had just finished taking a 6 hour plane ride...went to salt lake city utah to transfer over...
Had a nice conversatin with a woman who's son was apparently a heroin addict...she was a very sweet lady...
I headed towards the baggage claim...took my shit and asked the info desk how to get to Ocean Beach
He directed me to a shuttle which would cost me 15 bucks
The driver gave me some advice on where to stay since hearing my story and with no where to go he said the best idea would be to go to the youth hostel just off the beach area
I got there...
stayed there...3 days
The bon fires, massive dread head population and nice laid back people was cool for about 2 days, but on the third I was ready to go...OB's hippie vibe was too much, and it sort of reminded me of a a movie I saw in which the characters were seduced into a very laid back, just have fun, party state of mind with an eatible lotus flower...
Hypnotized...buzzed out town...
Vacations are fun there...but it's pretty much stuck in a limbo, peace and love doesn't mean broke, high and careless...And though I made some cool friends, took a walk on the beach with a hott french blondie and took a lil hit of cali weed...I didn't feel much of it, being so nervous to fail my mission...start my business
I left and headed for the city
San Diego...the buildings aren't as high, and the skyline isn;t as full as NYC's...but it is beautiful and I felt very relieved to walk around and in a place where there was actual mainstream busy life...
But my heart isn't enough...LA is where it's at...But for right now I have to settle down here for a bit...
I headed for a hostel...$40 a night...not enough money...oh wellz, no worries...
I made my way around, chilled out, relaxed enjoyed the city, washed my laundry...
That night I was looking for a place to set my sleeping bag...I saw homeless people with tarps set up and I figured it would be a good spot because cops obviously don't bug them to move...
A short Asian looking man followed me as I looked wheeled suitcase behind me, backpack on....
He called to me, I ignored until he was close enough to talk to me...
He told me I looked new around here and shoul come camp out with him, that's he'd hook me up with some cigs and keep me safe, find me a safe spot...
Now, I'm not an idiot...and in NYC this sort of thing would definitely scream in my mind, "NO!." But I figured maybe I should let my gaurd down a lil bit and let people help me...since I know nothing about how people are outside of new york...
I followed him to his camp...
I set up...and immeditaly I found it weird that he wanted to sleep next to me...but we were in seperate sleeping bags so I payed it no mind, thinking to myself, "Maybe this is just something all homeless folks do out here..."
We talked a lil...had a few cigs he bummed and headed to sleep...
As I slept I watched a hoard of ants attack my shoes, my luggage...and nearly my sleeping bag...
But I stayed strong thinking,"This is the way it's gotta be for a while...lying with the ants...they don'w bite biggie..." and theye'd stayed away from my body at least...
I start to doze off...
Then suddenly...
I feel a large SOMETHING crawl into my sleeping bag right into my neck...
I jumped up with the loudest screaching sound I had ever made in my life...already freaked out by evereything else...
My sleeping partner was extremely startled, brushed off my bag for me, took a walk with me...he insisted on not leavig me alone...and we headed back to the camp...
I swore it was a mouse...but I thinking it was a roach...a very large one...
I started to doze off...
Then out of nowhere...this mother fucker wraps is arm around me in attempt to spoon...
Immediately I removed his arm and said, "Don't touch me..."
I then got up to take a walk, not being able to sleep at all after that...he came with me...again.
After walking around town we sat at a bench...and he proceeded to tell me I had his heart and was the love of his life...he then continued with, "Stay with me forever...I'll help and protect you..."
I guess je took me for a dumb, beaten up, drugged out immature woman who had no idea what she was street smart...
He then wrapped his arm around me, and said these exact words in his asian accent..
"It's been a long time since Ive gotten you want to suck my dick a little bit..."I simply, turned to him and kindly said, "No I'm ok..."
Totally fucking freaked out and scared as hell at that point...I stayed cool as a cucumber...made my way back to the camp...where he then tried to lure me into a dark corner down the block, I was like, "Uh...Nah, I want to stay where other people are and in the light..."
After about a half hour...of laying down, not beside him this time...but near enough to hear his perverted ass obviously jerking off under the covers...
I moved my ass out of there...

(will continue more tomorrow...)

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Comment by Faelwynn on June 15, 2010 at 10:07am
I say stay away from LA. I spent five minutes in the place two years ago, and you couldn't pay me to go back. CA is a hard place to get started in, especially SoCal. I would have probably headed north, but there's not much you can do about it now I suppose. Best of luck while you're in SD... I was only there long enough to see the airport before leaving for El Cajon...
Comment by Cavewoman on June 11, 2010 at 1:52pm
definitely sounds like one haha. So are you permanently moving out to CA for a business or something?

vip supporters
Comment by Jessica Reyes on June 11, 2010 at 1:48pm
Yeah I definitely handled it alrite...I laugh at it everyday...
There's so much more to tell...
But I have not the energy for all the has really been some kind of crazy adventure for me lately, lol
And that's EXACTLY how I felt about OB...a cover for something darker...JUST like was actually realy, twas an experience though...
Comment by Cavewoman on June 11, 2010 at 1:45pm
oh god, I'm sorry to hear about the perverted asian guy, I'd probably be traumatized, but at least you're not an idiot and didn't get like... well taken advantage of. I know what you mean about OB being a little TOO much sometimes, almost like a cover to something darker. It's because in OB they pretty much just let the homeless chill ya know?

I don't have a problem with that but not all homeless down there are the nice kicked back free spirited kind ya know? some people will put on that act to get other people. I'm not trying to bring down ob in any way, I've known a couple cool people that have bummed it down there for a while, but I'm just saying I get what you're saying and I'm sorry that happened to you... but you kinda gotta laugh right? hahaha

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