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locticians using traction alopecia as an advertisment

we all know the statistics, 40% of all african americans get traction alopecia, 95% who call…See More
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Lauryn Dowding said
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18 hours ago

Middle-of-the-Night Thoughts on Meat-Eating and non-Meat-Eating.

I was just thinking today about the whole meat-eating, vegetarian, vegan thing, and I had this quite interesting thought come to mind. First of all, I'm not bashing anyone's lifestyle choice or beliefs. I think it's worthy of huge respect to make a transition into something different from how you usually live. I have Coeliac disease, and even with my own well-being as motivation, the transition to a gluten-free diet has been very difficult. reading this be offended, it's really just something I was thinking of. This doesn't really apply to people who don't eat meat for other reasons, like how we aren't really designed for meat-eating.

Well, I'm not a vegetarian, I eat meat. But I do love animals, hate animal cruelty, the idea of animals suffering, etc. That's a huge reason for people to not eat meat, but the problem survive, you have to eat living things, be it animals, vegetables/fruit, etc. You have to. If the reason for not eating meat is solely because of the pain caused to the animals, then doesn't that mean if you could completely eliminate pain from the equation and kill the animal with 0 pain, it'd be OK to eat? Hypothetically, what if it could be proven that plants do feel pain? Would they be cut from the diet of people with those beliefs too? You'd have to starve just to ensure you don't eat anything that feels pain.

Even that has its own flaw though. If life is bad to take simply because of the suffering caused, then you could kill a human who has that condition where they never experience pain, and that would be morally acceptable. So obviously it's not just the pain factor, it's respect for life itself. But then, plant life is still life. Is it OK to take lives that are so different to our own (plants), but not lives that belong to animals, who are adorable, who have eyes like we do, who we anthropomorphise and see as happy and sad, who feel like we do? We can connect to animals more than with plants, so maybe the conscience won't allow you to eat food from an existence similar to our own, but plants are...different. Easier to consume.

I don't know, but life is still life. Even killing bacteria is killing a living thing, so where do you draw the line on what's acceptable and what isn't? That's why I don't see the point in people arguing often about these things. Humans have awareness, and as such, we have a responsibility to minimise all suffering and do such things in a humane way. Not this stupid thing of keeping animals confined to tiny spaces, pumped full of God-knows-what and then killed without ever having truly lived. But it doesn't mean it's wrong to actually take an animal's life for use as food, as long as you respect that life for what it's given you. The same as with every other living thing that we may eat.

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Tags: Meat, animals, diets, eating, vegan, vegetarian


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dread gurus
Comment by Baba Fats on June 18, 2012 at 8:39pm

I am a vegetarian.  But for reasons I have found unique to me.  I have no problem eating meat, But I don't  I am a scientist at heart.  And A spiritualist in that regard.  I consider myself a molecular spiritualist.  I feel that everything, even that that is not touch, is bound together by a force greater than all of us.  Not a god.  Far from it.  I don't even believe in a god.  I believe that we are all made up of atoms and molecules.  Therefore everything on earth is related on such a small intimate scale.  

To this, I believe that we should have just as intimate contact with the food we eat.  Obviously I can't grow all of the veggies that I eat in my small plot in the city, but I do grow what I can.  Therefore I am that much closer to the veggies I eat.  

When it comes to animals, I refuse to eat something that I am so distanced from.  Someone else did the raising and the killing.  someone else did the processing and packaging.  Someone else shipped it, and another party sold it.  With so many steps in between myself and the animal, I feel that I could not give it the proper respect that it deserves.  If I were to hunt, which I would love to learn how to do (I know it sounds odd coming from a vegetarian, and someone who believes in animal rights), I would have no problem eating that meat.  I would be sure that I was party of it's life and could take full responsibility for it's death.  I would be able to show it the proper respect and thanks any animal deserves.  And I would be able to use as much of the body as possible.  

That said... Many people believe that you should not use animals for anything.  Even if it is not killed.  They do not think we should benefit from the products nor byproducts of animals.  The latter always confused me.  But To each their own.  

I am not jewish, but like how Kosher food is handled.  The slaughter of kosher meat is done in a way that is completely painless.  The throat is slit and the animal is bled dry.  The method they use consists of no pain.  I respect that.  

Comment by Danika Skalet on March 31, 2012 at 1:56am

I became vegatarian bout 10 months ago (very lax though, I still eat meat on occasion, but Im gettin better) anyways I had that same thought when I was trying to decide my boundries of what I found acceptable for me. At first I thought "well I wont eat anything that has life" and then it dawned on me (like right away) everything has life and (as I believe) everything has a soul, so no matter what I ate something would have to give its life for me (very noble) so I decided not to eat anything that had a heartbeat, seemed like a pretty simple solution for my problem and it works for me, except when I slip up. 

Comment by Kristina on March 26, 2012 at 1:57pm

what about fast and enema (or clyster= I am using google translator: it is when you rinse out your colon with water and all shit come out your bowels)

I have done that 2 times, ones I have fastend for 3days(I was drinking water) and make clyster with 1,5 liter of destiled water. I had problems with alergy, so I decide to wash out my clone from alergen. It has done me good. Second time was more about clyster and less about fast, I fasted only for a day.

vip supporters
Comment by Jackie C. on March 25, 2012 at 9:43pm
Really interesting discussion. I've been thinking about my diet a lot since I started dreading a month ago. I just got over being really sick w a cold turned sinus infection and pretty much quit eating dairy as a result. I notice I have more energy just from doing that. What about eggs, SE? Do they fit into the meat category?

dread gurus
Comment by ☮ soaring eagle ॐ on March 25, 2012 at 5:39pm

4 days is when u start to lose your hunger  and it get esier after day 4

the 1st 4 days are the hardest

my 1st fast i made a big mistake tho we ended it with an ethiopian feast  i love ethiopian resteraunts but that was a huge mistake ethiopian foods served on this thin spongy napkin like bread that u rip off and wrap round and eat with your fingers  the think[pg is tho that bread expands in tyour stomacjp[h the next 4 hiurs making u mote and more full

so after eating this  big feast i could hardly move i stumbled out to the sirdewalk sat down on the cylurb and moaned along came a rasta sat down next to me  and pulls out some hash and some weed but we had nothing to rol it in or smokeit in till i noticed the middle eastern shop right next to the reteraunt had a huge hookah in the window so we went in and aked if we could use it  ofcourse he said no but then saidthers 1 in the back room we could use s [o he closed up the shop took us to a back room and we smi[oked and finaly wass able to walk again

but thats defibateky not the wayto break a fast

u shoukd start with over cooked steamned or boik;led vegies easy t diget stuff lil brown rice  everything over cooked mushy..

and strt with real small portions

dread gurus
Comment by ☮ soaring eagle ॐ on March 25, 2012 at 1:05pm

im not a big fan of many veggies eityher  and have a sensative tummy  so  tyheres alot i dont eat but still i do oj[k

bout fasr=ting i know ppl who do 30 even 60 day fasts thats hard core tho i only did 10-12 days 1st on the grat peace march then again on a smaller 1 funny thing is both times i didhnt know about the marches me and a freind just decifed to fast for world peace the mwarch showed up  and we were trying to decide wether we should march or fast and decided to do both

actualy im related to a guy who wrote the book on freedom literaly   it was called principles of frreedom ab[-nd that inspired ghandu=i king and several others and he was jaiked for his radical views  and whikle in prioson he went on hunger strike.. 78 days and then died which earned him 1 of the biggest funerals ever bigger then jfk maybe even marley it was the longest hunger strike in ireland history and rally sparked the freedom movement

dread gurus
Comment by Tara C on March 25, 2012 at 11:32am

I've never fasted before, I've always been a greedy person with a pretty unhealthy diet. It's only the last year or so I've even wanted to change my food habits. I don't know, I think it'd be cool to try fasting to see how it goes, and to teach myself self-control and discipline. I'd like to try out a vegetarian diet too, at least temporarily to see how it is, see if it feels better for me. But I'm not much of a fan of vegetables, so it'd be a transition that'd take a long time. Fortunately life is all about progressing towards where you want to be.

SE, that story is hilarious, it must have looked to everyone like you were on drugs lol. Thanks everyone for your replied, it's nice to hear other people's thoughts and everything :)

Comment by Kristina on March 25, 2012 at 5:34am

hallo, I agree with you blessed earth mama.

When I was yunger I was vegetarian for 6 years- ones I went to buy little raw meet for turtle and my body went mad about meet. I felt need to eat meet. I think my body made call that time for something what I was missing.

For me, industry is problem, not the eating of meet. Cruelty is Monsanto too! But as somebody says here- evolution is about change... and who knowes where the change will take us.

On the other hand... right or wrong exsists only only in our mind. Look into space, is there right or wrong? is coalision of stars right or wrong?

As old legend says- Eva and Adam in Eden eat from that tree and that made them to see diference in right or wrong...before that there was Eden garden...

My thinking about life, and about eating is that I eat as less I need- and nothing fanncy. Way of living what suits me is - as low needs as posible. I have 2 pairs of shoos, one for rain one for sun. two pants one are washing one are on me... minimal what I need. when I eat I eat what I have to normal amount as I eat. And not buying things what are not food... and not buying anything what I do not need for minimal. This is my way of concious living.

dread gurus
Comment by ☮ soaring eagle ॐ on March 25, 2012 at 3:29am

he groujd

i probly looked suilly but i couldnt help it i was so full of energy

1 dat]y i was arrested..for conspiracy to shoot the president (yea funny story thrre was a protexst my idiot neighbour organized and inmvited kme to i didnt even go but had a ..,lincredibly poorly designed map to the protest in my pocket  the map had a x on city hall where reafpgan was going to be and around that was a shaded area saying people with guns (meaning the cops) and at a park 5 blocks away a shaded area saying people you can trust)

anywho to make a long drawn out bable longer and weitprder  after the fbi detectives  and all were done questioning me and released me i was o ..giddy i guess u can sat =y for ghaving been arested for such a redicyulouse thing then bullshitting my way throughthe interogaton andf getting off scfott free

i bounced w[right over the counter (the detective said to me look they wajnt to hold you longer but i dont think theres a reason to so thers the door im going to turn my chait;r around and you can just walk away) as he turned i bounced up  did a flip over the counter where they i guess check you in and was out the door in 2 hops where i started laughing like a freakiny manu;iac bouncing down the street hystericaly laughting i must have scared people looking insane

iu was 40 blocks from home thats about 4 miles i guess

i think i bounced it in 15 minutes and didnt stop laughting the while way

1srt stop..the neighbourr that gave me the maop..i had to thank her for si;uch a memorable experience haha

wow i babbled on too much and had to split into 2 comments cause was over 40,000 charachters sorry oh yikes ..3! still too many

dread gurus
Comment by ☮ soaring eagle ॐ on March 25, 2012 at 3:29am

veggies take longer to digest fully and have a much lower fat content so the long digestive tract  more fpeffuciently gets the full nutrients

this is partialy why humans ar so prone to colon cancer heart disease obesity  and many other things

you ever notice sokmeone whos a huge meat eater overweight and out of shaope can have a very unheak[lthy smell when sweattu[y despite 3 showers a day?that foul bodt[y oder u can sl[mell the momment they walk in the room is their body trt;yijng to eliminate all the toc[]xic crap they r[eat

oh off topic byut interesting anyway while i was in oregon they wre doing a study in 3 mental hospitols and 3 nursing homes

they took the facilities reguklar menu and made a macrobiotiv[c version of it  that looked and mostly tasted like the regular fcrap being served

di[uring the course of the study (i think it was 3 months) somethijg like 93% showed remarkable improven;ments and like 83% (i dont remember exacts but it was in the 90 range and 80 rag[nge) got off all or were able to drasr[ticly reduce meds

this worked for most of the common ailments foi;und in mental wards as well as nursing homes

when i was tat[]ying with a freind years ago above an elderly woman the womand[s family was trying to get her into a home  and they stocked the house with nothing to eat but oreos and hohos elder abuse cause they wanjted the house my freind and i would make her good vegatarian lmeals and  wed juice veggies  and fruits fr her  when we could in the days we couldnt  she was ..bad.. wouldnt remember who you wre  would talk to clocfks  and think it was the 50s  u l;know allthe old age stuff  but when we fed her good she was sharp and full of energy  clear kimded and could take care of herself prrfectly  just cfouldnt go out to shop (they took her car )

eventuaky the family realizd we were feedingfp[her and taking care of ger so evicted my freind

2 weeks later they killder her cfats threw away asll her posessions and forced her into  hokme

wasnt long after she die[d there

she was fu;pijne..full of life ahnd energty whenfed right she could have lived years if thry wernt si gredy (years  maybe 5-10 she was old but not like ancient old)

im rambling but pijnt is  proper nutrituin can create mirackles

ok 1 last babble

inthe 80s i did a few longish fasts (while riding a unicycle hundreds of lmiles from nt[yc to dc) butthen after that me and a freind did abn experiment

for 1 month (or wasit 2) we are nothingbut orabnges..just oranges after week 2 we had a plate of brown rice every friday (to well..regulate haha) for that tikme however long it was ..i didnt walk anywhere..i bounced i hadso muv'[ch ebergy i skipped bounced hopped ;ike tiger the tiger from pooh i guess every step i bounced 2 foot iff t

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