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Music room in the making

By: Peaceful Dread
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Tonight I'm putting all my guitars and stuff in a left over room in the basement. Making it a music room. Will put a computer, an old recording studio and a hifi down there as well. And a couple of amplifiers and a keyboard. The goal is to put myself in my old time music mood.When I was younger I used to live in a studio, one that also was in a basement. I could spend 24/7 there and I always forgot to eat while being there. The best way to loose weight, I guess. Just jamming, composing and recording all day and all night. Other musicians came and went. Bands formed and split, one after another.I starded with playing the base in a reggae band in the beginning of the eighties. But without dreads. Those where the days when I still thought it was impossible for me to dread with my kinda hair. But man, was I dreaming of having it?Internet did not exist and there was no way for me to gain knowledge about dreading. I saw myself as unlucky, being too pale and having too little curls. I wished I was born somewhere else. I adored Marley, Tosh, Toots and the Maytals, Steel Pulse and you name it.I only played reggae those early days. Later on I played more rock and funk. Made my own concoction of the two. Tried to sing even though I did not have the voice for it. But it did not matter, as long as I loved it. Luckily I had someone else singing on performances.I wonder if this music room will put me back into that same vibe and inspiration. It would have been lovely.
Peaceful Dread
09/06/10 11:45:18PM @peaceful-dread:
Thanks for the comment, Nic. I don't know what music yet, but most likely some concoction again. =)

Nic Sullivan
09/06/10 11:11:46PM @nic-sullivan:
Dude that sounds awesome, What kinda music are you gonna be push'n to play now?

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