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Panterra Caraway


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I refuse to swallow the bullshit pill...

By: Panterra Caraway
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I was watching the Dr. Phil Show today and he said something that really pissed me off. He said that in the midst of anger we are at our weakest and that in anger we put on our victim hat because we feel something is being done to us...BULLSHIT! That made me so angry! And how ironic that a statement about anger would make me feel this way. But one of the biggest problems I encounter in life today is apathy. Every big company gives you half-assed service and acts like they are doing you a favor. Too many people see things that are wrong and do nothing about in point, this whole body scan crap at every airport. I think healthy indignation and anger is what has been the catalyst for change! No, I don't think you should just run around being hostile and mad at the world, but anger does not always have to be negative. Anger can light a fire in your heart, driving you to achieve a better, more just world. I hate the way that we have become so "politically corrrect" that you can't even disagree with a policy or someone in authority without it becoming a need to call security. Ever been in a store or somewhere else that you are the patron and something is so blatantly wrong that you dare voice your feelings? You get..."Do we have a problem? Do we need to call security?" It is like a scene from that Adam Sandler movie Anger Management!! I just refuse to be a damn sheep...or a mindless zombie. How is recognizing that the world has become complacent and becoming angry about it make me a victim or powerless? Maybe Dr. Phil should proof-read his que cards.
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