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Panterra Caraway


Location: La Verne, CA
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Dreadful Epiphany

By: Panterra Caraway
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I am a person who is mindful of being kind and putting myself in the shoes of others. I try very hard to be understanding, regardless of circumstance. For the last few days, I have spent alot of time here conversing with all the dready folks and feeling happy and at peace with what I have found. So, with a smile on my face I went to the local shopping center to run errands. In record time, I was no longering smiling! Infact, I was fighting an urge to hit someone with something! The shopping center was packed with every human in my town (atleast it seemed that way!). Everyone was pulling in and out and going to the market, coming out of the bank, etc. Parking/driving etiquette went right out the window and the folks at the bank let the door slam in my face! I held the door for more than a few people and not one said thank you. Upon leaving the center I got a very loud and rude honk when I didn't zoom through the green light fast enough (guess what? I would have killed a lady in the cross walk!). I came home and slammed the door. How can a 15 minute trip to the store make a person feel so bad? I think what upsets me the most is that the increased busyness is due to the 4th of July celebration. Here are all these patriotic folks laying in their supplies and rushing to do their banking before the holiday and they are flipping everyone off and driving over them in the "American"! Makes me want to live in the forrest.
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