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7 months

By: Panga
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Hit the 7 month mark last week. I can't put my hair in a pony tail anymore without it falling out in a matter of minutes. Too many shorties in the middle and bottom that are causing the massive amount of "volume" I have in the back. My front ones are starting to loop and dread up (finally!). Since I can't really do any updos with my dreadies, I have been just wearing them down, occassionally putting a tam on. I made one tam a few months back and love it (crochet). I also made two crochet headbands, and my very first knitted headband a few nights ago. The only problem I have with headbands at the moment is that it just doesn't feel comfy. I made one headband too big, thinking that would be better and it didn't matter. I think since I always wear my dreads down, having them pulled back just feels funny/odd. Plus, there is so much bulk already with dreads, having an added band of yarn feels like my head is massive. Hoping I can get over it and just start wearing them since I love knitting/crocheting them. I also added some more pony beads on some of the smaller dreads, hoping they will start to knot up some. Realized though that I can't keep them in for too long because they will get sucked in and stuck on the dread like my little blue star bead did.

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