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6 weeks

By: Panga
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Holy crap! Let me say I was not expecting as much progress as I have right now. Only 6 weeks in and I've had more and more tangles start up in just the last week than I can count. I started with two tnr and the rest natural. I now have tons of knotting up throughout the entire length of the hair sections, which is different than my old tnr set which were knotted in the middle only. I've been continuing to wash with baking soda only and did two rinses of acv. No problems thus far with just using baking soda. I wash every 2 days. Although it's been hotter than normal for September here, so I have rinsed with water on my days I would normally not wash. Snice they aren't mature or anything, they dry fairly quickly (5 hours in doors, much less yesterday and today out in the sun). I am throughly enjoying seeing my hair do its own thing this time.
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