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not real dreads!

By: Panga
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Seems that this time round going neglect that most people are skeptical that it will work and aren't near as supportive or encouraging to me. It doesn't bother me as I'm not doing this for anyone else, but something I noticed. Just last night, my cousin who supported me through my last twist and rip dreads, basically told me my dreads weren't real last time if I was able to comb them out. That I have to be serious about the knots and really damage my hair inow order to get dreads. Now, he had backcombed dreads for 11 years and never once told me my tnr dreads were not real dreads until yesterday. I told him that any hair could dread and just because I could take them apart (it took me a month of carefully pulling strand by strand out of loops and knots) didn't mean they weren't real. Not sure where to take this conversation with him now, as he thinks he is an expert in all things dread related.
09/17/14 11:22:15AM @panga:
Thanks SE. I thought I had typed something in the title fieldo but hadnt lol. He had dreass, cut them off a few years ago. I'love show him some pics. I think he also may have used wax, but not sure. It amazes me how people can turn so negative though.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/17/14 10:35:30AM @soaring-eagle:

just tell him that real dreads dread themselves they dont need to be forced or damaged and even though hes had dreads 11 years when he sees yours in 3 years he will take his out..and yes he will be able to.. and hee will want to start over naturally too

u can show him my picask him if mine are real dreads then explain that i never backcombed i never did anything but go camping

\ps click options, edit give it a title so its not using a paragraph as the title

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