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1 year!

By: Panga
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It's been 1 year! My dreads have slowly been shrinking and looping. Still have loads of straight hair and tendrils hanging off of fully knotted dreads. I took out all the beads I had that I could (I am leaving the ones that are stuck for a bit, then will probably either leave them for good or attempt to break them). They are getting heavy though! There are SO many short ones. Literally only a few inches long. I pretty much leave them down, or put a head band on. Hats are too warm right now to bother with.

I don't mind having wispy ends, but the long 6-8 inches of non dreaded tendril hanging off of a dread is kinda annoying. Should I cut that off? Nothing has happened in months for those parts. Just seems that the dreads are too tight at that point to do anything.

I'm still loving them though and am looking forward to another year of changes and growth!

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