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Location: Elmira, Ontario
Country: CA


youtube videos: 4
images: 15
audio tracks: 26

30 yr old restored VW bus

Duration: 00:10:00
We found this bus in New Mexico where it sat for over 30 years in an isolated desert location. We got it running then headed over the rocky mountains in this...
05/04/10 03:45:30PM @robb:
Awesome bus what a find! Glad to see it ended up in good hands and is back on the road! Great road trip, over the Rockys, I know it wasn't a speedy trip.:) but that's the point! thanks for sharing the video, now back to craigslist to find my bus!

Good Energy
04/30/10 02:43:32AM @good-energy:
Wow! The vdub graveyard! WOW!

Good Energy
04/30/10 02:41:53AM @good-energy:
This had to be one of the coolest videos I have ever seen! What's the story on your bus? How'd ya find it and when and what ya doin with it etc? Join my group "VW lovers". Give advice or share your story or whatever you like! I just got me a 1972 Campmobile, Westy.

L-ray Sepulvado
12/23/09 10:38:14PM @l-ray-sepulvado:
thats awesome, i'm going to get one of these vans, deffinitley will be awhile, whats the mpg you get on your van??

hippie mama
12/21/09 03:25:45PM @hippie-mama:
i want one so bad

Hayley Turner
12/12/09 07:38:41PM @hayley-turner:
I would love to do this!

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