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nicole jaholmes


Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Zipcode: 33068
Country: US


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RASTA    ya see it
rasta gurl!!!!
new me 2010
fav lock with gold tip.........
knotty dread


01/12/10 09:53:45AM @dani2:
much thanks for asking me as friend :))love up your wayblessing

12/31/09 09:50:31AM @sareen:
hi cutie a very very happy new year ....and may god bring all happiness and more dreads this year....and plz dont and never cut ur dreads ..or else i will do suicide

12/30/09 11:34:25AM @sareen:
hey ..are ur locks gos gifted ...they r really beautiful and attractive...

11/24/09 06:37:08PM @emily:
thank you :) i did backcombing and a lot of twisting

Karma Jane
11/24/09 06:00:53PM @karma-jane:
massive love <3

11/11/09 02:02:05PM @echolynnrain:
Hey sis! Glad to meetcha! :)

Karma Jane
11/09/09 08:49:45AM @karma-jane:
bless you sweet mama! <3 you're so sweet~! I really wanted to move to florida for the winter but i just got sucked into some weird/lame legal stuff with my daughter's father.. so i can't go anywhere =(.. but that's okay.. my home is in my heart!..but as for the black rasta dress, I can do it for about $80.. and $5 for the shipping costs.

Matted Dew
11/08/09 07:58:44PM @matted-dew:
hola hola holathanks for das friendshipFLoreeeeda- REPRESENTTTT hahahhahahNamaste

11/08/09 05:06:35PM @alysha:
awesome! i'm excited to see the pictures I bet there sexi already!

Karma Jane
11/08/09 04:01:07PM @karma-jane:
well it really depends on what you want!! A full out dress like that with all the patchwork would be about $100, but something a little simpler would be a little cheaper... My prices are based on cost of fabric and then I give myself $20/hr for the work that I put in...It makes it so worth it to do what I do when people like you swing through with all the love and let me know how much my work is appreciated! Thank you!! :)

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