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Location: Saskatchewan
Country: CA

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Natural Free Form Dreadlocks at 11 months!

my natural dreads are now 11 months young! They're growing up so fast. :') My Blog : and find me under the NatureLover at ...
05/07/12 01:56:46AM @naturelover:

Thank you very much, both of you! Really means a lot to me ^_^ Much love!

christina popejoy
05/06/12 02:09:14PM @christina-popejoy:

loving your dreads! all the bumps are so quirky! love how alive they all look, each with its own personality love it! Congrats on a bunch of beauts! very nice!

04/17/12 10:56:51PM @naturelover:

Yeah, I'm sorry Heather! I totally didn't know this was going to happen :( It's so stupid that they had to block it.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/14/12 07:51:33PM @soaring-eagle:

yea damn grereedy musicians she had a song playing in thr background and damn musicians think its not enough to make 20 million a year they gotta blick vids so they dont lose 50 cents..thats why i hate commercial music

04/14/12 07:39:38PM @heather:

video is blocked:(

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