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Natty Trade


Location: Hagerstown, MD
Zipcode: 21742
Country: US


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Mia Elizabeth
06/09/11 02:48:09PM @mia-elizabeth:
Hey Natty! Welcome to DLS! :) When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you! & love,Mia

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/16/11 11:12:10AM @soaring-eagle:

Autumn Armstrong
05/08/10 04:31:34PM @brian-anderson:

Denny D
04/22/10 11:40:22AM @michael-cuevas:
Thanks for the friend request Courtney. One Love!

Andrew Bet
04/12/10 10:22:30AM @devon:
Hey sista glad to be friends!

michael todd smith
03/24/10 05:07:59PM @mystire:
lol, that made me want to listen to sun is shining by Marley. Also sunny and beautiful here. Loving it.

Mikal Hardin
12/04/09 04:37:52PM @benny:
Snow already?? Be careful driving! Pretty locks mama! How long have u been growing them?

Mikal Hardin
12/03/09 06:01:49PM @benny:
I'm in South Jersey... no snow yet! Today was actaully really warm! I live down by the beach and love it! Beach gal all the way:)

12/01/09 12:43:34AM @paul-thomas:
very welcome! nice ta meet ya :)

Mikal Hardin
11/23/09 03:26:23PM @benny:
Hey mama.... I'm from South Jersey area.... what part of Michigan are you from?

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