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Natasha Dawn


Country: UM


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/02/11 06:19:37PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u planning on starting?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  † 
05/12/13 09:12:51AM @¯\_-ツ-_-¯-†-:

Hi Alden

My name is Jim and SE gave me your name in hope that you could help me with a problem.I suffered through a severe flu/pneumonia type illness for several weeks-on 4th nite of severe cold sweats-I was delusional and listened to this converstion in my head and didn't realize what I was truly doing until it was too late and cut my beautifful and to me sacred dreads- JAH love & Goddess blessings-I'm told you reattached dreads to your self and right now I could use some help/advice-How did you do it and how long did it take?

I have never cut my hair in over 34 yrs & that is dating from when my birth family coerced me into cutting it over my dad,s funeral-it was years long before then-anyway(yeah-I'm 55 and don't have another 15+yrs to grow new dreads I,m more depressed than over this hell-my life keeps falling apart more and more&I saved my old dreads. did you reattach to dread or strait hair? I have thin,straight hair like yours and I have no dreads lrft.Any help or advice would be appreciated!

My E-mail is;same member name on this website &cell# is 215-432-0287.



Charles Ti Mega
01/13/12 05:55:03PM @niels:


How can I dread my hair in a neglect way and have my hair look awesome? I want my hair to look professional and not messy. I am so close to going to a salon,but I really don't want to. Any suggestions?,

denise iesha alice shannon
11/03/10 02:23:00AM @cindy-lillemo:
Alden, I hope it doesn't upset you to did you graft your brothers dreads into yours? Will it work only if the hair being grafted in is already in dreaded form? I have a lock of my best friends hair from before he passed away and it would mean alot to me to somehow incorporate the hair into just one of my dreads. Thank you for your help. XOXO

09/07/10 07:39:41PM @curly-redlocs:
yo you look jus like that actor i dont knoe his name but he played in the mummy 1 and 2 and 3 and in george of the jungle

denise iesha alice shannon
09/02/10 10:11:07AM @cindy-lillemo:
Hey Alden...left you al little message in the Reasons for starting Dreads thread...but just wanted to stop by to say hello. You need to put some music on here bro....what kind do you like? XOXO

Emily Sears
08/31/10 06:06:32PM @sky-davis:
Yo where did you get those silver rings for your hair?

Connie Smith
08/11/10 11:15:57PM @andrew-shirley:
maybe u didnt catch my last comment.. but i checked out ur pics n i hope mine turn out like that but u got way better hair for it than me.. i really wna kno how to do that wrapping thing n how u got urs so nice n tight..? msg me or somethin mayne.

07/31/10 07:53:40AM @graphixfanatic:
yo brothers hows it going?

Connie Smith
07/25/10 08:05:54PM @andrew-shirley:
Yo man.. How'd u get ur dreads to look so nice? N how long did it take till they got that nice?

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