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Naja Sage


Location: Portland, OR
Zipcode: 97220
Country: US


Blogs: 11
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The Walk

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
To far down the road, no lights mark the way only stopping and starting another dayNo looking back No tears to dry No more jones to chaseJust settling in with this smiling face Naja Sage 022909
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By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Something told me deep inside that you were therebut yet I stumbled and stalled like a tire in the mudof everyday going and coming,coming and goingyou waited so patiently, for who you knew I'd beI praise the Lord that he loved me soso much that he sent me my Savior Jesus Christfor he endured my pain so I could make the gainof the word, the salvation, that keeps me breathing my pure breath of lifetools at my disposal, like eagles of freedom, freedom from the dread, freedom to see ahead, through the fog and endless faces, through the walls and empty spacesI now lay in the lap of his luxury, as I look up to the heavens above, feeling the warm light of God's shinning love... How could I ever say thank you enoughNaja Sage 050910
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Inner Peace

By Naja Sage, 2010-07-24
Where is there a silence Where can I find a cover to pull over my headRain taps on an empty seat, like night flies tap on the evening light It just hangs over an open door waiting for someone to come in Inside its filled with the remains of once lived lives Covered with hopes of visitors to revive The sound of tapping feet A new sun my face will greet Waiting beside an open seat
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