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My Dreads have there own Mind..

By: MzRNMina
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Hi Everyone I've been growing my dreads 3 years now...Now that I have gotton out of the dread hair fashion (meaning mantainedlocs).I am now enjoying allowing them and watching them do there on thing.

I always wanted very thick locs>>well they would have been if I would have learned more before I started having them interlocked and twisted. I know free form, I just left them alone, not completely but no more interlocking and twisting. I was wondering thou, I have a few Locs that have decided to have babies meaning limbs..One of them actually split in 2. To me its so pretty, but is this normal..and what is normal???lol I feel as thou it's spiritual..


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/06/12 07:25:11PM @soaring-eagle:

u mean combined at the root right not split/ thats a congo its normal tho to prevent them you still should seperate any that grow too big

your dreads will try to eat eachother use the "popping" method to seperate

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