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Location: michigan
Country: US


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Similac recall..

Just incase you havent heard there's...
@msfunkadelic 8 years ago - Comments: 1

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Carter n' Corbyn
we've gotta jumper
"Tree surfing"
Finally got one of her smiling.:)
They grow up too fast.. lol
after I washed em
I love the rain
I broke down and  T&R'd em.


Mia Elizabeth
06/06/11 12:34:20PM @mia-elizabeth:

When you get a chance(If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

Peace & love,


09/18/10 01:43:20AM @jaxie:
so by the by... i just got on. u probably just left. DAMNIT!

09/16/10 12:59:02PM @jaxie:
hey so ive missed you these past couple nights you and your closet. when do we get to play in the closet again??

Wild Roots
09/14/10 02:54:11PM @wild-roots:
Awesome! How far south are you? :)

jimmie adams
09/10/10 07:16:10PM @jimmie-adams:
ya true i didnt think of that.

jimmie adams
09/10/10 07:05:24PM @jimmie-adams:
i see i thought rome was a band playing with them lol, but ya it is good to see them back, is it the same line up besides rome? i thought the drummer looked different.

jimmie adams
09/10/10 05:45:01PM @jimmie-adams:
that was pretty good i liked it, so is rome the guy singing?

jimmie adams
09/10/10 10:55:11AM @jimmie-adams:
actually i havent heard the sublime with rome yet.

jimmie adams
09/09/10 10:30:01PM @jimmie-adams:
im a big sublime fan =]

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/05/10 09:17:42PM @soaring-eagle:
its really easy theres a guide to the right in all the linksu twist a section split it in 2 pull the 2 parts away from eachother4 bring back together split in a diferent place pull repeat that several times then retwist repeat its faster less damaging looks way way better from the start and doesnt fall apart as easy as backicimbingand u wont look like a clownif your dreading for spiritual reasons legaly they have absolutely no rights at all to tell u what u can and cant do with your hair

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