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Shocked, and needing to pay homage..

By mossmind, 2012-12-14

Early this morning, an old principal of mine was shot in the new elementary school that she devoted much of her time to. 20 children, 6 adults, and the shooter himself were killed on the grounds, with a secondary scene and one additional death.

I oftentimes thought about Mrs. Hochsprung; about how difficult it must have been to lead any school, especially our elementary school in the time that she did. About how strenuous her routine and decisions must have been, as she kept hundreds of young children in mind before even considering herself. I am honored to have been one of those children, one who had directly felt the care and responsibility in her presence. It can be difficult to comprehend all that we are hearing, but what we are feeling is entirely too real. My thoughts go out to all affected, who grieve together just 20 minutes from where I sit, in hope that peace and balance will soon find its way into these aching hearts.

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