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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/09/14 05:18:35PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome if it was wax that probly didnt get it out'

Mitchell tipton
09/06/14 05:36:12PM @mitchell-tipton:

Sorry, I never really replied to your message about the bars.. Usually I just lather them in my hand and then lather that onto my scalp... I was thinking.. Even though I'm not sure it would make a huge difference.. What temperature of water do you wash with?

08/30/14 07:05:55PM @mariah2:

Yes sir. I separate by hand every single dread. Once or twice a week. They have been getting really wild and they all want to stick together. So i imagine I'll be separating them more often someday soon.

Yeah man. I wash with soap every sunday and weds. Then baking soda every last friday of each month. Shake my head to get the water drops out and then i pat my head with a micro fiber cloth i used to use for the tablet i had. Goto bed and shake em out when i wake up. I either wear it how it lies. Which looks pretty normal. Like the surfer style. or tie em back. I tend to fiddle with them day in and out. They doing alright. hbu?

Mitchell tipton
07/30/14 03:43:41AM @mitchell-tipton:

Hey, I saw what you said earlier in chat about the residue.. I've been noticing this happening with more people lately... What scent were you using when you started to develop the residue? Wishing you much love, peace, health and wealth!:D

Mitchell tipton
06/30/14 07:48:07AM @mitchell-tipton:

Hehe, thanks man.. I'm in the process of trying to do quite a few things right now.. I really do plan on hopefully putting pics up soon hehe.

Mark MIller
06/27/14 12:27:53AM @mark-miller:

I had a long beard Cody , if I can endure that process for a couple of years twice. I will post some beard pics up later.I am looking forward to the challenge. I know it wont be easy , that's why I am here, to get some good tips and tricks to make the process rewarding and easier. Thanks again for your encouragement and helping a baby like me!

Cheers Dave

Mark MIller
06/26/14 08:06:00PM @mark-miller:

G'day Cody, Thanks for the welcome and kind thoughts. I am in WA too! Yeah that's Western Australia mate. I am just finding my way around this site at the moment. I will work it out soon. looking forward to future convo's with ya! Your hair looks similar to mine in length and texture but not colour damn it!!! I think we are about atthe sametime with our dreading too.It will be good to compare to see if I am on the right track. Sweet!!

Cheers Dave.

Kaisse Gabrielle O'Neil
06/17/14 12:13:47PM @kaisse-gabrielle-oneil:

I saw a comment in your friend request about the singing bowls, but it disappeared after I accepted so all I read was the first line about loving the bowls and having a gong (and even that part I didn't really get to read!) Anyway, just wanted to say hi here's what I'm doing with them now Would love to see some photos of your setup :)

06/14/14 11:41:17AM @kb:
Yesssum I just recently got my locks :DI noticed you made a page, and quicklyou did the same. I'm excited to see your hair, especially since you are deciding to go free form!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/14 07:39:51AM @soaring-eagle:

those soaps are the best just use the liquid till your well dreaded and it wioll dread fast

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