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I have this dreadie..

By: Mons
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That I'm worried about. It's roots seem to be thinning quite a bit. I don't palm roll, twist or mess with it in general. I don't normally keep any decoration on it, although I did have a glass bead on it for a week, I removed it today. It has about an inch or so of loose hair, then the dread begins. At the top of the dreading is a significant amount of root tips/follicle or whatever, the white bits that come out when you pull/tip hair out by the root. This particular dread does move and twist around on its own a lot. I'm fairly concerned it's going to move and twist itself right off my head. It's right at the hairline on the corner of my forehead.It's kind of hard to get a picture of...this is the best I could do.Haha look at all the fly away loose hair! It's hard to tell that it's thinning, but I can feel it and see it.
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