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Mitchell tipton


Location: Pullman, WA
Zipcode: 99163
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/06/11 07:43:59AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome how are u getting them i hope u dont mean salon eeek dont grow

01/11/15 12:47:51PM @bohemiennne:

@NaturalDreads01 I plan on getting multiple tattoos and piercings. I'd love to get my ears up to 1 1/4 :)

01/03/15 04:01:49PM @shalkan:

Thats a relief to hear! I've only palm rolled them once so far and it was most definitely not my favourite thing to do.
It made my arms ache! haha :) And I couldn't really see any difference afterwards anyway!
I'll put a stop to the palm rolling now then *phew*
I only did it as I was just worried about my roots knotting up and thought it might help. I have extremely fine, thin and silky hair which is prone to getting oily! So I have quite a lot of loose root hair already and was having a little panic about it.

01/03/15 03:47:34PM @shalkan:

Yupp. 3 interesting weeks :)
It's a very love-hate relationship at the moment, but I'm finding that I'm having more and more 'love' days the further along I get!

01/03/15 03:20:37PM @shalkan:

Thank you so much ^_^ I'm happy I ended up here!

Kody A. Busboom
12/29/14 07:05:58PM @kody-a-busboom:

Aww Shucks, Thank You!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/25/14 09:22:37PM @soaring-eagle:
My pc diedI might not be on for days even a weekSo try to keep your eyes on things till I'm. Back

wes johnson
11/14/14 05:23:02AM @wes-johnson:

Well guess we will have to post more things in that group to get it more active...

How have you been?

Guðni Rúnar Gefnarson
10/22/14 06:31:46AM @guni-rnar-gefnarson:

Thanks a lot! I think your locks also look awesome and I really like your "infinity" loop :) Wishing you peace and happiness

wes johnson
10/18/14 12:25:04PM @wes-johnson:

Nice properties with that stone. I have a nice crystal and stone collection with my wife. ( I buy 2-3 a month) There are some nice crystal shops out here. They seem to be disappearing out in the US.

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