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Location: NYC
Zipcode: 10312
Country: merica


Hey fellow dread heads.  Names Stephanie and Im a 35 year old Mama of 2 as well as a preschool teacher from NYC.  My reason for starting my dread journey is super personal. My dreads kind of mirror my life and how its constantly changing and evolving.  6 months ago i decided to get clean from drugs and each day on this journey is different some days bad and some good. same with my dreadlocks, some days they look terrible and some days Im like damn they look awesome. My life doesn't look exactly how i want it to and neither does my hair. Y'all get what I'm sayin 

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@missfortune213 • 2 months ago
@missfortune213 • 2 months ago


08/28/16 10:12:11PM @irie:

You can add more photos by clicking your profile name on top right of site next to the shopping cart, then selecting account settings.
It should give you the option to add new photos at the very top of that section.
If you want a new profile image I think you have to click on the "Profile" tab.

08/28/16 02:37:43PM @missfortune213:
How do I post more pics?

08/28/16 02:34:30PM @missfortune213:
Thank you so much for the support. This site is so awesome

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/28/16 09:58:22AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and congrats on making such a great decision (both) you know we all will support you if you need ujs

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