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Michelle Malone


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Is This Normal???

By: Michelle Malone
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My dreadlocks will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I'm free forming. I use the baking soda and acv mix once a week and I separated for the first time today. I had to wash with head and shoulders yesterday for the itching I was experiencing. My question is, is this dryness normal? I was wondering if it was the baking soda and acv mixture that is drying my scalp out. What should I do?
10/07/13 07:07:40PM @ramblingrum:
Rosemary oil and lavender oil really helped me!!! Especially in the summer with swimming, my scalp was very dry and itchy. I would massage a little bit onto my scalp if I didn't have time to shower, but generally, I add to my bs and ACV wash

Michelle Malone
10/06/13 10:13:56AM @michelle-malone:
Okay I will try that thanks!

10/06/13 03:20:28AM @zoeyrainsmom:

When I first started dreading my head itched like crazy!! I even started getting sores in my hairline that resembled pimples. I had never had this problem before dreading....but it does get better. Your scalp will adjust. I personally found the Baking Soda/ACV wash to be really drying. My hair would always feel like straw after, I was adding Tea Tree oil to my rinse too and even that didn't help. I am now using the Dreadlock Shampoo bars and I like them so much better. Good Luck and Happy Dreading!!

Michelle Malone
10/05/13 11:26:20PM @michelle-malone:
No. I mix the baking soda and water then the acv and water.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/05/13 11:20:13PM @soaring-eagle:

mixture? yopur not mixing baking soda and acv together are you?

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