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Cypress Hill - Hits From Da Bong

Cypress Hill - Hits From Da Bong

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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new set
new set of locks
drift tree?
squiggleys for the win
Almost two months lots of shrinkage :)
Almost two months lots of shrinkage :)


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/12/11 09:48:06AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome um wow u never want to use wax and crochets really bad too but maintaining with backcombing? bad bad idea!

denise iesha alice shannon
12/04/10 11:26:09AM @cindy-lillemo:
I noticed that tomorrow is your birthday...Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day and all your wishes come true! XOXO

Mari Thomas
11/10/10 03:21:45PM @jenna-browning-harman:
Aww thanks :) I mean if you don't mind! How much would you like?

Mari Thomas
09/30/10 10:54:07AM @jenna-browning-harman:
Hey sorry, I was being super nosey on that member map thing and noticed you were the closes to me.. anyway I noticed you said you made tams... does that you do them for sale?! 'Cause I've been after one, but I'd rather help out a fellow dreader them well anyway I'm rambling and being cheeky. Cheers!

denise iesha alice shannon
09/02/10 12:18:34PM @cindy-lillemo:
I just did a bit of reading and they said no cows milk but puppy or kitten milk as I suggested...apparently, the cow's milk can cause diarrea...yuck! Here is a link I also saw...hope it helps.

denise iesha alice shannon
09/02/10 12:13:56PM @cindy-lillemo:
Good for you! Smuggle him in! Lol My kids and I had some baby mice...about 23 after we purchaed two girls who were already pregnant!!! It was a challenge, but what took them out was the repitory thing. Is he trying to eat the cows milk for you? Hopefully,he will hang in there. A real challenge, but you sound as if you are committed. Good luck. Will check with you later.

denise iesha alice shannon
09/02/10 11:16:57AM @cindy-lillemo:
As for the little baby mouse...I would say, if you have a pet shop you could try the milk that they give baby kittens. It comes in a can. If you don't have that I would try regular milk with maybe a bit of sugar. Baby mice are subject to respitory problems, I do know that. I will try to find out more....

Cleo Rose-Nash
06/04/10 12:36:18PM @danielle-cacioppo:
Ehh some days I'm alright other days I just don't know. And thankyou. Yeah there are a bunch of cool and nice people on here. Alot of them are quite like me. This is just an awesome site. (:

Tinashe Lennon
04/21/10 10:23:25PM @pyrobud:
Looks like lot's of work and fun.

04/21/10 07:57:14PM @willie-harris:
white and grey? I like earthy tones, i love them all

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