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Location: Mattawan, MI
Zipcode: 49071
Country: US


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Dreadlocks after 7 Months.

streams: 18
video file: 41.9MB, 00:09:00

11/20/09 03:38:59AM @matthew2:
Well, thank you. :) I got very excited at that part. THat dread made me happy. :)

Electric Mama
11/19/09 09:41:34PM @electric-mama:
liked ur vid! especially when u went HAHA! lol

11/19/09 09:16:47PM @matthew2:
HAha. Well, thanks. :) Yep. I was introduced to this website and HAD to join,

lino sanchez
11/19/09 08:43:08PM @lino-sanchez:
another dready from utube! saw ur vids a while ago. lol

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