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Location: Buda, TX
Zipcode: 78610
Country: US


youtube videos: 1
images: 30
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Hi there! Lests talk again! :D

streams: 6
video file: 7.4MB, 00:02:08

04/06/10 07:02:37PM @emily:
They look awesome Matthew!! very nice vid :)

04/06/10 09:05:39AM @matthew:
Thanks guys, so much. (: On the real, it's hard to make videos, because what's there to be said, that hasn't already been said? So, I think I'm just gonna make videos without me talking, just showing the dreadsss. :D But thanks guys, you made my morning!

04/05/10 10:09:15PM @boobie:
Ivan is right, we all love your vids man! not gonna lie your a big inspiration man. your dreads look amazing and i love seein the progress. fuck what others say and keep doin yo thang : )

04/05/10 12:18:45AM @ivan:
glad you're back with the vids man. it really sucks how there are so many uneducated, judgmental idiots out there on youtube (talking about your last vid posted on there). but hopefully you can keep the people who really wanna see them progress updated and don't have any dumbass bullshit comments, just positive feedback. btw, they keep looking sicker and sicker bro can't wait to see more in the future.

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