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Matthew DiBiase


Location: wilmington, nc
Country: UM


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By Matthew DiBiase, 2011-08-02

Have you ever wanted something but you just dont know what it is ? and everytime you think your in the right direction, you get pulled to another one and another untill finnally your just going in a damn circle and you dont even remember were you started...I wish sometimes i could make a change, i know i need to...I dont whant the world to stop spinning when im gone but, i want it to at least have trouble catching its breath...I dont know thoughts are thoughts and dont mean much but....i dont know...

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By Matthew DiBiase, 2011-07-29

created a new group called artistic dreads join :)

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Dreads 2 weeks 3 days

By Matthew DiBiase, 2011-07-27

Hmm kinda new at this i guess i post pics in the comment area....hold on..

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