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Living with my grandma.

By Mary6, 2013-06-27

My grandmother is hard of seeing, so I can basically get away with having any tattoos, piercings, and weird hairstyles, and she'll probably not notice.

She noticed one of my tattoos a few weeks ago (I have three). She's 84.

She said, "Well, it's your body. And you have them in places you can cover up. Whatever makes you happy... BUT, in my day, the only people who had tattoos were whores, sailors, and carnies!"

I don't think she's noticed my nose piercings (I have a nostril and septum).

She recently noticed the texture of my hair was different and asked me about it. I didn't say anything about having dreads. I just said, "I'm trying something new with it."

Well, I asked my mum to pick up some baking soda at the store when she took my gram grocery shopping.

My mum told her, "She needs it for her hair." And my mum spilled the beans about the dreads.

My gram was unloading groceries, and she said, "Mary! Here's your baking soda."

I thanked her, she walked away, but walked back in and said, "You know, I love your normal hair, it's very pretty, but I'm sure I like this too, even if I can't see it.

I'm very blessed to have so much acceptance, even in the older generations of my family.

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