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Mary White


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No More Dreads

By: Mary White
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R.I.P. 8/15/11

I combed them all out. Took myself, two brushes, a half bottle of conditioner, and my sister-in-law.

I decided to do itfor of several reasons:

a) I get bored easily.

b) I like being able to do stuff to my hair.

c) I have been having horrible headaches and I believe the weight of them along with the pulling and pinching of my scalp as a result of the dreads congoing didn't help.

d) I live in the Deep South, where this summer it has gotten to 117. I get hot easily, and my dreads trapped a LOT of heat.

e) I was unhappy with the way they were started. They weren't natural to me. The next time I have dreads, and I will have dreads again one day... I will start them completely natural, free-form. No TNR.. Nothing.

The first dread I ever had, died at age 10 months... It was surgically removed with a pair of scissors. That dread was born of backcombing and wax. If anyone does NOT believe that using wax even ONE time causes harm.. please, request my photo. I kept the dread as evidence. Cut two inches from the root, You can clearly see the wax and other gunk packed into the center. I only used wax twice and not even a teaspoon of it. I tried aggressive wax removal. It did NOT remove the wax. Point being.. DON'T USE WAX, if you ever want to comb out your dreads. You won't be able to. I couldn't PICK that one apart with a safety pin!

Again, I will again, one day have dreads. The time and method was just not right.

So please, not bad vibes, ya'll!

Peace K!




09/01/11 10:31:04AM @exalthimx7:

Somehow I missed this post'[ xo & God Bless you Chica! Hope to hear from you again soon']

Flyin Star
08/17/11 12:45:22PM @flyin-star:

i will be waiting for you to start your journey again my friend!!! :)

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