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Marlon Moorer


Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/11 11:51:57AM @soaring-eagle:

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
02/14/13 12:41:26AM @tyler-chidester:

Your dreads are very inspiring

05/15/12 11:07:41PM @marnie:

Back at ya brother. Much respect man.

dan o
02/29/12 12:32:59PM @dan-o:

Hi thanks for you want be my friend :)

02/25/12 02:46:54PM @mystie:

Merci, et toi! lol Ehhh I'm trying:P and for sure! I love France! [: I need to work on my French though!

02/25/12 01:38:07AM @mystie:
Merci!!!! a va?(:Et j'adore (your dreads) haha

02/19/12 01:32:48PM @mystie:

Bonjour, j'adore your dreads(haha I know little french) :P but anyways, your dreads are amazing! and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Marcus Jenkins
06/18/11 08:51:22PM @philisiwe-sangweni:

WESH WESH le gadjo :D

Ca fait un bail dis! hope you are doing good!!! I miss talking to ya! Was fun! hows your stuff to come to America going? ca avance? Im still putting money aside for Marseille and am hoping to come on your side of the planet reallly soon and hopefully maybe have a drink together and go for a swim!!

how have you been anyway? Whats new :D

Jai bien hate davoir de tes news cher Ben...

A plus!


Mitchell Dandson
06/06/11 03:36:39PM @joni-marie-hash:
Hello Ben*..How areya? Have a Great Week... Jah Bless

06/05/11 07:58:28AM @faelwynn:
awesome dreadz....great pics....good job dude =)

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